Fantasy Waterbeds: What makes a complete waterbed package?


Fantasy Waterbeds Singapore not only offers waterbed mattresses but also its mattress covers and storage bed or podiums to complement its waterbed.

The EveRest waterbed comes in various designs for the current market in Singapore.

  1. The classic waterbed model that requires no bed frame and can stand on its own. All it requires is foam wedges and a basic understructure or podium.
  2. Inside water mattress model that can easily fit into any bed frames.
  3. Inside XL that can also fit into existing bed frames and is slightly bigger than the Inside water mattress.
  4. Split water mattress model which can be fitted into a bed frame or can be a stand alone.
  5. Water mattress ever flex model

Waterbed mattresses are designed to hold water instead of sponges and springs. Such an anti dust mite mattress is given the best of protection with the following cover features:
• Mattress cover that is elastic, flexible, absorbs moisture fast and can be separated for easy washing with the following options:
– Stretchable terry cloth cover
– Double cloth jersey cover
– Air Rest cover
– Supersoft cover
– Visco-Rest cover (latest)
• Mattress and cover are separable using a zipper
• Cover can be separated in the middle for sizes larger than 180 cm
• Covers can be washed at temperature of 60°C.
• Zippers of covers have been standardized to enable exchange any time

Besides wooden bed frame or any other bed frame, waterbed requires a podium or an understructure to manage and support the weight of mattresses. Regardless if the waterbed comes with a bed frame or exists as stand alone, it will require this podium.

Consumers can select height of the podium, the material and décor from a range of available options for the podium. One such option is podium with drawers which actually provide concealed storage space. Also known as storage beds, these are available either in décor or solid wood base.

The benefits of storage bed Singapore are:

  • Obtain addition storage space for newspapers, books, accessories, clothes and sheets when equipped with integrated drawers.
  • A storage bed with drawers can also be integrated into a standard wooden bed frame given that individual drawers have enough space.
  • This type of storage bed Singapore is looking at will be convenient for homes and rooms with limited space.
  • Neat outlook of room is achieved.
  • About 6-9 storage drawers can be fitted into the podium for space optimization.
  • The décor type adds colour, design and zest into daily life.

Hence, when selecting your waterbed, keep all the above in mind and explore the endless choices of Fantasy Waterbeds’ sleep range such as the EveRest anti dust mite mattress and its accessories, flexible covers, bed frames and décor or solid podiums.

About Fantasy Waterbeds:
Fantasy Waterbeds Pte Ltd carries the German technology based EveRest mattresses along with its accessories and podiums. The mattresses are designed with the latest waterbed technology with 15 years warranty. For more information, visit

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