Fast Food Becoming an Even Bigger Concern in Singapore| Your Weight Loss Buddy Introduces New Wellness Programs to Address Pressing Health Challenges


To address the increasing health risks associated with unhealthy diet and busy lifestyles, Your Weight Loss Buddy has launched a series of wellness programs keeping people’s well-being in check.

Fast food and its adverse effects have been well documented with options often linked to larger portions, higher calories and lower nutritional values. Evidence from University of Minnesota School of Public Health research shows that eating habits of people in Singapore and fast food consumption may have increased the risk of Type 2 diabetes including coronary heart disease.

According to the study published under the American Heart Association’s journal Circulation suggests that people consuming fast food at least once a week have increased chances of dying from coronary heart disease by as much as 20 percent. This is when compared to those who stay away from such food group. For those who choose to eat fast food around two to three times a week increases their chances by as much as 50 percent. Additionally, those consuming the same type of food at least twice or thrice week can expect risk of Type 2 diabetes to increase by as much as 27 percent.

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As part of its mission to motivate people to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle, Your Weight Loss Buddy has developed a series of wellness programs targeting different needs. The center offers Hot Yoga classes; Zumba sessions, weight loss contests, wellness evaluation, healthy breakfast, nutrition talk and other assistance students may require to develop a healthy lifestyle and diet.

In fact, Your Weight Loss Buddy offers free well evaluation valued at $65 in order to help interested individuals figure out better what best to do with their lifestyle and bodies to achieve their health goals. For those looking to lose weight, then this is a crucial step to making things happen. The center offers a Wellness Coach that can discuss individual goals and corresponding approaches. Sessions may take around 30 to 60 minutes which comprise of completing health questionnaire, obtaining measurements, weight, fat and muscle percentage, BMI, body age, visceral fat and resting metabolism.

Coaches combine all gathered information to match the client’s goals with realistic plans promising results. Your Weight Loss Buddy develops a well profile to help assess individuals best. This allows the center to develop customized sessions to ensure that health goals are met. The profile includes:

  • Goal setting
  • Health measures: including Body Mass Index, Body Fat %, Protein Factor, Resting Metabolic Rate
  • Education on health eating habits, activity levels
  • Customized eating plan and nutrition program

Interested parties can simply contact the center for more details.

About Your Weight Loss Buddy:
Your Weight Loss Buddy is a health and fitness center center operating in 13 different locations in Singapore. Your Weight Loss Buddy focuses on the concept of Fitness and Nutrition whereby clients are being guided by an assigned coach in their body stats analysis and diet plans. The company offers a range of yoga and healthiness programs. These include exercises to lose weight, yoga for weight loss and Zumba in Singapore among others. For more information about the company visit their website:

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