OfficeSpaces, a commercial real estate portal and a consultancy specializing in the business of matching companies to spaces, announces its new set of industrial office spaces.

Get office spaces for rent in Singapore from OfficeSpaces

The list includes office spaces such as the Alexandra Technopark, Mapletree City , Mediapolis, Fusionopolis, Plaza 8 , One at Changi City, Hansapoint at Central Business Park, Akzo Nobel House at Central Business Park, Honeywell, 31 International Business Park, Acer Building at International Business Park , 13 International Business Park, iQuest at International Business Park, and ICON at Internationl Business Park.

One of the most renowned office locations is the Biopolis which houses leading pharmaceutical companies such as Abbott, GlaxoSmithKline, Lilly, Novartis, Schering-Plough and Takeda. There are now more than 2,000 scientists from around the world carrying out research in this campus.

The Biopolis co-locates public sector research institutes with corporate labs and is designed to foster a collaborative culture among the institutions and organisations under its roof. Researchers are able to state-of-the-art facilities, scientific infrastructure and specialised services. These allow companies to cut R&D costs significantly and accelerate the development timeline. In addition, there are conference facilities and meeting rooms that companies have easy access to. Cafes, shops and amenities are located within the complex to create a ‘work, live and play’ environment to help stimulate exchange of ideas amongst the researchers. The Biopolis Singapore is also strategically located next to the Kent Ridge Campus, where the public hospital and medical school are located, thereby facilitating translational and clinical research.

OfficeSpaces is the one-stop solution if you’re looking for office space for rent

For those looking for a space to rent for their new office and other business needs, OfficeSpaces can help them shortlist their spaces, arrange their viewings, negotiate best price, and move them into the property.

The company believes that every client has unique requirements which is why they offer customized recommendations to each and every one of them. At OfficeSpaces, the service does not end at the search. They go the extra mile to establish a good working relationship with not only the landlords, but also various service providers that their clients will require, so that they can assist their clients through every step of the way.

Office Spaces serves investors who are looking to buy a commercial property. Being in the business of office matching puts OfficeSpaces in a unique position of understanding the commercial property market and getting the low down on hot deals.  The company also serves landlords, for OfficeSpaces is a platform for landlords to market their properties for rent or for sale. OfficeSpaces work with multiple agencies and advertise across multiple marketing channels.

For those looking for an office space but are overwhelmed by the immense amount of information available on the web, OfficeSpaces offers companies personalised consulting services at absolutely no charge. They also assist their clients in getting their office up and running by finding the right contractors, movers and a lot more.

They also offer their services to clients looking to pre-terminate their lease, however there are charges to be applied in completion of such.

For clients in need of assistance in their search for an office space, there is a lot to get right when they are looking for a new office. They only need to let Office Spaces help them, by leaving the necessary details on the information field such as their name, company, email, contact number, the budget of the office they need, preferred contact method, type of office space and location they prefer. The staff will contact them via phone or email within 24 hours.


Office Spaces is a commercial real estate portal specializing in the business of matching companies to spaces. The company believes that every client has an unique requirement which is why they offer customized recommendations to each and every one of them.

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