Finding The Right Kind Of Industrial Testing Services


Tests are a common part of industrial management that ensures proper quality control and safety standards. These tests are conducted by industrial owners as well as government associations for checking the quality of various products in terms of safety, usability, benefits and performance. Tests are also applicable for checking the safety standards followed by various industries involved in the production of items like food and beverages. In order to be compliant with various international safety standards prescribed by government organizations and international societies, entrepreneurs hire the services of testing services for keeping a regular check on their industrial processes and raw materials used.

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Role of industrial tests and quality assurance

  • Prescribed industrial tests are beneficial in assessing the quality of agricultural and poultry products like food grains, cereals, vegetables, fruits, eggs, meat etc. Farmers often take the help of laboratory services for checking the quality of their products.
  • Industrial tests are essential in checking and preventing food adulteration. Producing or selling adulterated food is a serious social offense and punishable under law.
  • Proper testing of industrial equipments and processes are essential for protection of employees and industrial workers. ISO has introduced OHSAS (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series) certification for every industrial sector for ensuring such safety standards.
  • Industrial tests and quality assurance are essential for maintaining the prescribed hygiene standards. For instance, in a hotel or food business it is essential to appoint a professional team to ensure that proper hygiene standards are followed by their cooks, waiters and cleaning staff.

Industrial quality management services in Singapore

Professional services can ensure optimum quality management for your production units. For hiring quality services you need to consult and compare the packages offered by some of the best companies. You can rely on ISO Guide published by Marshall Cavendish for getting a complete list of companies in Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia that are engaged in quality management and related services.

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