Finding the Best Event Management Company in Singapore


It’s a wise decision to hire a professional to manage your company event, since they specialize in one thing and they probably do it very well. It’s essential in hiring an events management specialist that you do some research and find the right even company to do the job. If you have a local management service you will be able to find people in your community who have used their services and can tell you first hand what to expect from them. This might be the best way to learn about the company. If you don’t have this type of service locally, you will be bound by the online reviews of people you’ve never met and may have been paid to review. This is risky, since event management can be expensive and so much is riding on the success of the event.

If you plan to hire a event coordinator from the internet, try to narrow down your prospective clients to 3 or 4 at most and thoroughly read their services one at a time, followed by phone calls to try and gain as much information about what they offer as you can. Set up interviews at your convenience to ascertain as much information as you can. Some key questions you’ll want answered are:

– To what extent will my own company be engaged in the planning, if at all?

– What results can I expect?

– What type of fee is being charged- flat or percentage, and what is included for that fee? What is the bottom line going to be?

– What is your interpretation or understanding of the company vision for the event?

– What kinds of relationships do you have with photographers, florists, or other service providers for the event?

– Do you have vast knowledge in vendor contracts so that fees will not crop up later on?

– What does your availability look like? Will the company be dealing directly with you or through many assistants?

– Do you have an alternative plan of action if your plan A fails on the day of the event?

– What are your policies in regards to refunds for cancellations or poor execution of the event?

– What is your assessment of success in any event?

– What type of event do you have the most experience with?

– What ways do you have to stretch a budget for an event?

– What is the smallest and largest event you have ever planned or assisted in planning?

– What would you do if you saw that the event was not going to fall within the budget?

– If you were a client of yours, which questions would you be asking?

Once all of this information is gathered and analyzed you will have a better understanding of who the right event company will be for your corporation event. At this point, if you are leaning toward a particular event company, go with them and do everything you can to work with them to make the event a success. If you still can’t make a decision, you may need to spend some additional time talking with them or setting up a second interview.

The success of the event is not only hinging on the choices that the event company will make, but on your ultimate choice of who that company will be. Don’t rush into anything or allow anyone to pressure you for time. If additional time spent is needed, consider it an investment in the final success of the corporate event.

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Best Event Management Company
Best Event Management Company in Singapore

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