First Aid Courses in Singapore


Learn first aids courses in SIngaporeEveryone knows what first aid is but very few learns the skill. In short, First aid is to help someone who is afflicted by injuries or suddenly taken ill. Many of us overlook the importance to master First Aid skills assuming that it won’t happen to us. However, we must not regret when the situation takes a turn and makes us helpless. Therefore, before enrolling, recognize the types to choose the appropriate courses.

Basic First Aid Course

This course is aimed for non-professionals who wishes to acquire First Aid knowledge at the basic level. Participants enable to understand the principles of First Aid which will lead to better enhancement of the course. They also learn activation of appropriate Emergency Response System which notifies the ambulance. Participants can also recognise common injuries and illness of the patient which helps determine the necessary treatment to give while waiting for ambulance.

Standard First Aid Course

The Standard First Aid Course comprise a wide range of First Aid knowledge and skills, aiming to equip participants with the necessary proficiency as a certified First Aider. Participant will have all the basic First Aid knowledge and be able to Perform One Man Adult Cardio-Pulmonary Rescusitation (CPR).

Occupational First Aid Course
The Occupational First Aid course aims to equip participants with the First Aid skills and knowledge, focusing on potential workplace emergencies, injuries and illnesses, with particular focus on Safety Awareness and Accident Prevention. CPR lessons are also included.

Anyone can get ill or wounded anytime. Therefore, it is important to register for first aid courses in a certified first aid training centre in Singapore. Some knowledge of basic first aid could mean the difference between life and death. Who knows, you might be a life saver one day. Make a difference by enrolling in one of the courses. For more info, log in to

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