First Aid and Life Support: Teaching People what to do in Emergencies


First aid course in SingaporeFirst Aid & Life Support (FALS) Training Centre, a Singapore First Aid training provider, offers First Aid and Life Support courses to suit every one of all ages and occupation. All of their courses are customisable to fit individual and corporate needs.

The First Aid courses offered includes a Basic First Aid (BFA) course, and a Standard First Aid (SFA) course. These 12-18 hour courses will ensure that participants will leave the courses equipped with basic knowledge and training on how to respond to emergencies. Course participants are taught to recognise and provide necessary treatment for a range of common injuries and illness. SFA participants will be equipped with a wider scope of knowledge, and they will also be taught one man adult Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).

FALS also offers a 21-hour course for individuals who needs to be taught in Occupational First Aid (OFA) Course as set by the Workplace, Safety and Health Act (WSHA). As for organisations seeking to arm their employees with the basics of first aid, a simpler First Aid Awareness (FAA) course is available for booking. The FAA course takes only 1-4 hours, and is customisable to suit your organisations’ needs.

For individuals who seek a more advanced first aid course, FALS also provides a Basic Cardiac Life Support (BCLS) course and a CPR + Automated External Defibrillator (AED) course. As the name suggests, the CPR + AED course provides comprehensive training on CPR with the use of an AED. Many AED units are installed in public spaces in Singapore, such as shopping malls and school. Knowledge and training on proper operation techniques are needed before anyone should attempt using them. CPR might be a life-saving resuscitation technique, but when provided with defibrillation, a casualty’s chances of survival are drastically increased. On the other hand, the BCLS course offers resuscitation skills applicable to both adults and infants without the use of machinery. It is suitable for individuals interested in preparing themselves for emergencies, especially around children and infant.

Upon completing the more advanced BCLS and CPR + AED courses, participants are eligible to sign up for the respective Instructor Courses. Through the Instructor Course, participants can take their knowledge to another level by learning how to instruct and profile participants, as well as maintain the equipment. Graduates of these courses will be certified to instruct and train Life Support courses, and pass along their knowledge in helping others.

We never know when tragedy might strike and when help might be needed. But instead of leaving things to fate, we can choose to be proactive and equip ourselves with proper training on how to deal with emergencies. All the courses above are carried out on weekends. Come join a course and learn how to save a life this week!


About First Aid & Life Support (FALS) Training Centre:

FALS Training Centre is a certified training provider for first aid courses. Their courses are accredited by the National First Aid Council (NFAC) and National Resuscitation Council (NRC) under the purview of the Ministry of Health. Their centre is rigorously audited to ensure quality service and social responsibility. They aim to develop effective First Aiders that could enhance and save lives by training and imparting relevant life skills. Their courses are customisable to suit various training needs. For more information, visit

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