Fitness in Singapore


The Olympics is a big motivation and inspiration. Watching the greatest and finest athletes in the world compete against each other and with themselves is remarkable. The grit, the passion and the strength they show make us feel alive and we sit captivated by the sweat, sync, and teamwork they show while fighting for the goal of their lives. All these make us question our fitness level and the dedication we show to be healthy and fit human beings. It is of great importance that we prioritize our health and fitness because a fit body guarantees a fit mind. In Singapore, where everyone is working hard, fitness has taken a step back. It is high time we change this scenario.

Home Gym

Home gym provides a chance for us to workout at a time most convenient for us and takes away the space for all kinds of excuses. Home gym needs to be equipped with the gym equipment that we want so that our workouts can be effective and produces the desired results. The three main fitness aims that many aspire to achieve are cardiovascular fitness, bodybuilding and general fitness. These different aims require different fitness equipment. More often than not, we need a combination of two or more fitness equipment to be fit and healthy.

Cardiovascular fitness

Cardiovascular fitness is achieved through activities which increase the heart beat or generally known as cardio among fitness enthusiasts.  Long consistent runs or rides will increase the stamina required for marathons and cross country runs while interval training which incorporates short bursts of high intensity routine aims at increasing endurance and at the same time increase the metabolism of the body. For instance, the interval training may be done by running at a steady medium pace followed by uphill running at a faster pace for short period of time. This routine is repeated several times to increase endurance and stamina. To achieve the stamina and endurance that we dream of, we definitely need treadmill, exercise bike, elliptical or stairmaster at the home gym. Nordic Track treadmill is popular among Singaporeans wanting to achieve cardiovascular fitness.


Bodybuilding requires muscle mass. To increase muscle mass, we need to resort to weights. Muscle can be toned and defined as well as built for a bulkier look. Muscle toning requires high repetition of lighter weight lifting while muscle mass requires heavier weight lifting with low repetition. To achieve this fitness goal, we need fitness equipment in the form of dumbbells, barbells, and squat racks. Dumbbells and barbells with adjustable weights can be found easily in Singapore.

General fitness

Another common aim when it comes to fitness is to maintain a healthy fitness level. We need to do a little of all exercises to maintain a general fitness level. Speed walking, running, bike rides, yoga, pilates, squats, bench presses, just to name a few. The fitness equipment needed to achieve this aim are exercise mat, treadmill, exercise bike, elliptical, gym bench and light dumbbells.

All these goals can be achieved through consistence, discipline and a home gym in Singapore!

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