Five Top Tips for Upscaling Your Etsy Business


The pandemic gave us all the opportunity to reassess with many taking the plunge to start their own small businesses or side hustles. Working from home became the new normal and, although offices have now reopened, some have decided to stick with their sideline. Low-risk online selling has been a popular option with everything from collectibles to handmade jewelry flying off the virtual shelves. If you want to scale up your Etsy business, these tips will help.


If you’re looking to grow your business, consider expanding your range without losing your niche. If you already sell vintage toys, branch out into retro comics. If you design crochet patterns, could you also sell knitting patterns or become a one-stop craft shop by also selling hooks and yarn?

In-Person Selling

Online sales are a wonderful way to get started but there will always be customers who want to see the goods before they buy. Whether you decide to go all out and get a physical store on the High Street or if you can invest in a unit at a co-op will depend on your financial plan. If money is tight, a pop-up shop could be an ideal way to branch out without long-term overheads. Other alternatives could be hiring a stall at events such as festivals.

Upgrade Your Tech

If selling online, you will want to be assured of the reliability of your technology. Photographs will sell an item so buy a quality camera and a light ring to show off your products. Having an office to run your business from shows your commitment, so whether that’s in your spare bedroom or a purpose-built garden office, be sure you have a computer that can do everything you need to successfully grow your business. Get a desktop for small business use to stay on top of orders, print out invoices and delivery labels, and keep your accounts up to date.


Getting your name out there is crucial if your business is going to grow so investing in advertising can be money well spent. Online advertising on sites such as Facebook can be a safe way to get started and allow you to target your advertising towards the right market. Organic growth through social media channels can spread the word about what your small business has to offer but be aware that if this is to be your main form of advertising you will need to commit time and effort to interacting with potential clients.


Outsourcing isn’t an option for everyone, but if you want to grow your business, work with SEO specialists to increase the visibility of your business. Although this can be done remotely, collaborating with a local company can be beneficial as it’s also an opportunity to network. Don’t underestimate the power of word of mouth!

However you decide to upscale your business, know that any decision you make can be changed if it isn’t working for you. That’s the beauty of having your own business – you’re the boss!

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