Flawless yet painless: Beauty science introduces DepiTime Hair Removal


Beauty Science, an online beauty shop in Singapore, offers DepiTime Hair Removal for a flawless skin without having to undergo what beauty usually costs- pain. The device introduces how depilation can be made easy for a more effective and painless hair removal procedure. “Painless · No irritation · Slow regrowth · Safe · Easy to use” DepiTime is can be self-directed device and a hair removal method that can be done at home just as easy as shaving or plucking.

Produced by Nanotime which is a reputable brand in Japan, Depitime Heated Line Hair Removal is incorporated with an advanced technology called “International painless heated line”. This cutting edge science heats up the blade which carbonizes hair done through heat transmission. Consequently, hair drops off from the follicle completely. This process causes permanence of a hairless and clear skin.

Beauty Science further explains how DepiTime Hair Removal works. “When heated line touches the skin, the heated line will burn and carbonize the hair. The accumulated heat treatment extend to the hair roots which greatly affects and decrease the ratio of keratin in hair and consequently slow down and refrain hair regrowth.”

The device prevents skin injury as it is specially designed to leave behind 0.1cm hair root. Skin tearing and other petty cut can be avoided which usually results to other more serious skin infections. The product set provides a special cleaning pad to remove the rest of the hair that might have been missed out by the device. The product also promotes permanent effect of the product as long as it is done regularly.

“DepiTime will shrivel hair follicles without any influence on perspiration. Hence, new hair growth will be thinner. At the same time, hair growth rate will be slowed down. After using for a period of time, hair follicles become thinner and sparser. No more stinging sensation and no more ingrown hair! The result is extremely pleasant, and permanent.”

The package of DepiTime Hair removal includes: DepiTime Hair Removal device 3 hair treatment tips, Cleaning pad (pasted with sanding paper), 5 sanding paper, 1 hair-dust brush, Power adapter. A drawstring pouch for DepiTime Hair Removal device is also included in the package free of charge.

DepiTime is a safe and easy to use hair removal device that has a very low futile results. The products has been a preferred choice and ideal hair removal product for customers with its advanced technological method that can remove hair in an instant and permanently.

About the company:
Beauty Science Inc is an online beauty store that is one of the rare online shop to devise a proprietary paradigm to achieve the maximum results together with its aesthetic products. The company also offers offer multi-functional, high class quality and advanced technological aesthetic products that are DIY and anti-aging in nature. These products are also registered at Health Science Authority (HAS) to ensure quality and effective result for their clients to achieve aesthetic goals. To find our more, visit: http://beautyscienceinc.com/.

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