Food Chain in Singapore: How was Food Prepared Before Being Served to You


It is important to note that 90% of Singapore’s food comes into the area from overseas imports, causing the safety of food to be an issue of extreme importance. Less than 1% of the population belong to the farming industry, and there is just not enough space, workers or resource to supply the demands of the hungry population.

Poultry growth and processing has become a huge business in Singapore, making the safety of high concern. Consumers are interested to learn how their food was grown, processed, stored and prepared before it arrived on their tables. is a comprehensive and effective marketing guide to promote the awareness of Halal Certification to the International Market. It also serves as a hub for consumers the world over, to present companies that are in the industry of safe processing and storing methods. Central Kitchens which prepare, deal in, supply and sell buffet catering products and services are listed on in a manner which is convenient to browse through. Some os the popular companies that are listed on the site and their services include:


  • Manufacture of satay, otah-otah, BBQ food
  • Provide food catering services
  • Provide on-site BBQ services



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