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A foundation is an integral part of a home. It’s the structure that supports your house and connects it to the ground. When there are problems with this support system, you need expert foundation repairs as soon as possible! At HD Foundation Repair Company Irving, we provide fast and effective solutions for all types of foundation issues. We are the foundation repair company Irving homeowners trust!

What to expect during our free inspection: At HD Foundation Repair Company Irving, we start with a thorough evaluation of your home’s exterior. We will check for cracks in mortar joints or brick walls, large gaps under doors and windows that go into the basement, problems with drainage near the house (including driveways and sidewalks), sagging floors, doors that will not close properly, etc. Our goal is to identify the most critical issues in your home’s foundation so we can provide recommendations for repairs or replacements that meet your needs.

Do I need a full replacement? If there are large cracks in brick walls of mortar joints on exterior wall surfaces around the foundation, the walls have shifted or are leaning in toward your home’s interior. Suppose the soil has entered gaps around doors and windows that allow water to enter the basement. In that case, you may need a full replacement of exterior wall surfaces or even an excavation so we can replace all deteriorating sections of your foundation with new materials.

Concrete slab cracks? Our technicians can inject a special epoxy into cracks in concrete slabs to stop them from growing or prevent new ones from developing.

How do I know if the foundation shifting has damaged my home’s interior? Suppose you have any sagging floors, doors that will not close properly, windows and exterior walls with large cracks/gaps between materials (even if they are not near the foundation), or other signs that your home is leaning. In that case, it may be time to schedule a full inspection of the interior.

Are there any issues with my sewer line? If you have cracks in your exterior walls/mortar joints, large gaps around doors and windows, sagging floors, or leaning walls inside your home, your sewer line may be the culprit. If it is not properly connected to an outlet or if tree roots have invaded and broken through the pipe, you will need repairs as soon as possible.

Advantages of hiring a Foundation Repair Company Irving

  • Fast and efficient service that will leave your home looking just as it should!
  • Guaranteed artistry for one year so you can trust our foundation repair services.

Why choose HD Foundation Repair Company Irving? We offer free inspections, consultations, written estimates, and job performance warranties to all our customers. We are the foundation repair company Irving residents turn to for reliable, efficient, and affordable solutions!

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