Friendly Wheel Transport Offers Friendly Rates Perfect for Group Tours and Travels


Friendly Wheel Transport provides a variety of rates to cater to the different needs and taste of each and every one of their customers. Rates ranging from S$50 up to S$140 are all up for grabs over their website.

Friendly Wheel Transport in an effort to provide flexible options with their city tour in Singapore, introduces a diverse range of options with regards to their city tour. This in turn makes it possible for their customers to find the ideal tour package that is able to suit their budget allocation as well as their preferences.

Holiday tours work best for group of friends or families. Friendly Wheel Transport is aware of this and as such, they take the extra efforts in providing their customers Singapore bus service that is able to accommodate a good number of people. They have transport services such as 13 Seaters Mini Bus as well as 7 Seaters with an asking price of S$50 per trip. They also provide a more luxurious trip with their limousine transport. Limousine service found over their website starts at S$100 per trip for the Mec S Class, BMW 7 Series and MPV. Last but certainly not the least is their S$140 package ideal for large group of friends. The S$140 per trip rate will get you a 23 Seater Bus or a 45 Seater Bus. All of these have a midnight charge of S$12 (After 2300 to next day before 0700) and also provides baby seat for S$10.

There are indeed a lot of places to visit with your sightseeing in Singapore. As such, it is important to find package tours to help save you a considerable amount of time and resources. It is good to hear the Friendly Wheel Transport came prepared and was able to answer to the needs and demands of their customers while also taking the extra efforts with their Singapore airport transfer. This in turn provides a deal of convenience to their customers as they will have little to no worries on where to go and what vehicle they will be getting. Airport transfer service is a very much welcomed feature which Friendly Wheel Transport has today.

Limousine service in Singapore is a very much sought after services providing a sense of luxury and style with your trip. There is an abundance of limousines making them relatively easy to find today. Furthermore, Friendly Wheel Transport’s integration towards online services makes it easy to book and reserve holiday tours at any given time, when the need calls for them to do so at the comfort of their home.

About Friendly Wheel Transport:

Friendly Wheel Transport is your one stop service for all your transportation needs in Singapore! From City Tours to Airport Transfers, they have it all covered! Come take a ride with them and be excited at every turn! To find out more, you can head over to their website at

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