Friendly Wheel Transport offers various transportation services for different needs and events


Friendly Wheel Transport, one stop transport Service Company in Singapore, offers various transportation services for different needs and events. The company provides Airport Transfers, Singapore City Tours, Corporate Transport Solutions, Event Transport Services.

Friendly wheel transport is committed to providing convenience as they give services that relieve customers from the hassle of getting on and off the buses and walking through bus stations. The company also allows their customers to enjoy and make use of the travel time to more useful and productive things other than fixing your eyes on the road and traffic signs.

A quick and timely trip to the airport is also offered by the transportation service company to prevent their customers from missing their flights. The company also provides assistance to the tourists who’d like to explore Singapore. They make sure that every trip is worth it directing your adventure to the best sites in Singapore.

Included in their list of transportation facilities are vehicles from 13 Seater Mini Buses, 45 Seater Buses to BMW7s. They can cater and handle huge groups, small groups, and even personalized ride. It all depends on the needs of the customers.

The company has sorted their services according to the needs and every customers. There are four main categories in their line of services which are as follows:

Airport Transfer
Don’t want to miss your flight by taking public transport? Just leave it up to our diligent limo drivers to bring you there with a smile!

City Tour of Singapore
What’s the best way to experience the sight of Singapore? Simply take a ride in one of our comfortable transport cars and be taken on a whole new journey around the country!

Corporate Service
Need to get all your employees to a meeting place, or to the airport/ferry for a business trip overseas? No problem!

Event Transport Service
Need mass transport to bring your family to your wedding or perhaps just a gathering like a picnic? We’ll get you there ASAP!

The company gives as assurance to take their customers from Point A to Point B. Their customer representative are there to assist and arrange holiday tours and offer Singapore tour packages. Thus, wheels are not just the friendly asset of the company but to your budget and pocket as well. They offer good deals and rates where you can explore the famous tourist spots in Singapore and experience a city tour as well. Universal studios Singapore packages are also available in the line of deals and promos of the company.

About Friendly Wheel Transport:
Friendly Wheel Transport is your one stop service for all your transportation needs in Singapore! From City Tours to Airport Transfers, we have it all covered! Come take a ride with us and be excited at every turn!The company provide Airport Transfers, Singapore City Tours, Corporate Transport Solutions, Event Transport Services. To find out more, visit:

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