Friendly Wheel Transport provides the best transport services in Singapore


Friendly Wheel Transport is a Singapore-based transport services provider that provides the most comfortable transport services in the island. They let customers see the best of Singapore by providing the best rides, at affordable rates.

Nothing beats travelling around one of the best cities in Asia. And at Friendly Wheel Transport, you get the most out of your Singapore tour thanks to their top quality transport services. Friendly Wheel Transport offers rides to make sure that you have the best adventure of your life, or to simply get you to wherever you want to be on time.

For those who want to spend a fun vacation, Friendly Wheel Transport offers a variety of holiday tours in Singapore. Go see a great variety of sights and wonders as you enjoy the different city tour packages which they offer.

Friendly Wheel Transport offers a selection of package tours which are divided into three different categories – Discovery, Island, and Nature. With these three holiday tour packages, everyone, even your family and friends, can enjoy the best places for sightseeing in Singapore. The Discovery tour is perfect for those who are hungry for knowledge and wants to travel at the same time. This category consists of Singapore City Tour, Singapore Flyer, or Science Centre.

The Island tour package is for the adventurous. You get to embark on a fun and exciting adventure, starting with a tour around Universal Studios Singapore, or to the Adventure Cove Waterpark, or the wonderful Sentosa.

Lastly, the Nature tour package is for people who want to see the natural beauty of Singapore, as well as its wildlife. This tour package includes a trip to Jurong Bird Park, as well as the Singapore Night Safari Tour.

Aside from providing the best holiday tours in Singapore, Friendly Wheel Transport is also relied upon by clients when it comes to airport transfers. They are the company that you should trust when you want to get to your flight on time. Friendly Wheel Transport offers the best Airport Transfer services, as they are always ready to provide you with a classy limousine, or a transport car that is fast, efficient, and comfortable. You will certainly get to the airport on time, without a hassle.

And if you are planning a business trip, you should try Friendly Wheel Transport’s Corporate Transport Services. It is a convenient way for you and your employees to get to where you want to go on your business trip. There is no more need to think of a meeting place where you have to wait and gather them; you can ride a car directly to the airport, or any destination in Singapore you want to go to. Corporate Transport Service will help you save time and effort.

And for those who want to get to the party on time and in style, they provide Event Transport Service. Ride one of their luxurious limousines on your wedding day, or let them arrange a cozy family car for your picnic day. Friendly Wheel Transport knows how to make you feel comfortable and at ease, all while they get you to your destination. Friendly Wheel Transport is the company that you can always trust when it comes to nice and hassle-free ride in Singapore.

About Friendly Wheel Transport

Friendly Wheel Transport is a one-stop transport services provider in Singapore. They are a company that provides quality transport cars for a variety of purposes. They provide Airport Transfer limousine services, as well as Event Transport services. They also offer holiday tours in Singapore.

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