Fuji Xerox facilities management for companies


In the ever changing times, in order for companies to have their value and exist in the market as relevant and competitive they have to evolve. Either expanding, acquiring different companies, invest on new technologies, make new technologies and even expanding their business to other geographies.

The transformation of facilities management companies

It’s about redefining and rediscovering what the company is about, just like apple, they were known to be a desktop computer manufacturer and provider, but now their driving force in sales is a smart phone, Samsung was popular with selling televisions but now it’s considered as apples rival in the smart phone industry. Why this happens? Because you can’t stay relevant forever selling the same thing, you can be good at it but in the ever changing times, sometimes your products aren’t that relevant so in order to stay afloat you need to evolve and tap into other business ventures, an income potential that can make your company relevant again. I’m sure when apple decided to invent the iPod and iPad they thought of the market and how they can make it better and they did.

facilities management companies

We all know Fuji Xerox, even the brand “Xerox” is sometimes used as a replacement for photocopy. “why don’t you Xerox those or that?”, Fuji Xerox has etched its name to the people that it becomes very popular that people are just so used to using the company name as a word for photocopy. Just like Samsung who are still very good at making televisions, Fuji Xerox is still very good at making printers and it has evolved in a lot of ways from technology to business models.

What they are now

Now they are also from as one of the facilities management companies that has a workforce from concierge, hospitality, cleaning and even to administrative services for various companies. Outsourcing is the keyword here.

They provide people that can help with task that your company needs to ba managed in order for you and your people to focus more on running the company instead of worrying why the toilet is dirty. It defines a whole new market of opportunities for Fuji Xerox and also for the companies that they serve as well.

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