Functional and Trendy: Door gift ideas and corporate gifts Klassic has in store for different events


Klassic, a 16-year retail gifts and corporate gift supplier in Singapore, offers a collection of not only trendy but functional and well-loved corporate gifts for different companies to help them establish branding and customer connection. Throughout the years, a wide array of gift ideas have been adapted and incorporated to suit the diversified demands of different companies taking into consideration the trendy and functional needs of every recipient of the door gifts. Moreover, they personalize and customized items for personal gift such as graduation gift or corporate gifts. The items are also within the means and budget for an event.

The functionality and top of the line qualities of items offered by the company has made it build a distribution of network such as MNCs, religious organisations, schools, government sector, non-profit organisations, retail sector. It has grown to personalize and customize different corporate gifts such as mugs, water bottles, key chain, pens, lapel pin, non woven bag, usb, selfie stick, sport cap and others.

Clients and customers can choose from the wide variety of items and services for Standard OEM projects like general corporate gifts and Premium corporate gifts as well as innovative OEM projects. The aforementioned items are some of the products clients can mainly and exclusively avail from the company.

Efficiency and convenience are also important to the company as they provide easy delivery process – Choose, email, and deliver. Klassic understand the deadlines and process different companies goes through every day. With this, they have designed a simple and fast process for delivery to meet deadlines and targets on time.

The functionality of the items are being considered by the company in exhibiting different options for corporate gifts. The personalized door gifts are also printed with design and company logo which are done by silk silkscreen, heat transfer, or offset. Inspection are also done on a regular basis to assure the quality and top of the line corporate items for standard consistency.

Moreover, corporate gifts are also timely to catch the attention and interest of the target market of their clients and customers. It will allow companies not to run out of choices when comes to diversifying the corporate items they give in their events. It also creates fresh impression for the branding of the company. For personal and graduation gift, the trendy gift items are also priority choices.

About Klassic:

Klassic is established in Singapore since 2000. The company is building distribution network to be the leading retail gifts and corporate gifts supplier in Singapore and international markets, catering vogue quality gifts to retail and corporate sector. As a direct manufacturer for corporate gifts and retail gifts, they offer competitive price without comprising quality and value of the gifts. Their manufacturing offices are located in both Singapore & China where it participates in gifts and premium trade fairs throughout the year in Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Frankfurt. To find out more, visit:

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