Furniture SG Brings to the Table Great Deals with Mattresses and Bed Sets


Get cheap mattress and bed sets in Singapore from FurnitureSG

Furniture SG makes it relatively easy for just about anyone to purchase and acquire spring mattress and storage bed in Singapore with special offers.

Furniture SG loves sharing mattress to their clients on a regular day to day basis. This is quite apparent with them offering diverse and varied deals with their mattresses and bed sets. Customers will be able to purchase Four Star mattress while at the same time acquire complementary items along the way.

Special deals include bed & mattress sale with free single metal bed frame for $109. There is also a bundle deal of single wooden bed with MaxCoil lion foam mattress for only $153.00. Looking for a foldable bed in Singapore? Furniture SG has got you covered with Foldable Bed & Foam Mattress available for $158.00. The store also has Queen Metal Bed & MaxCoil Athena Spring Mattress for only $329.00 as well as King Koil Spinal Guard Mattress and Bed Bundle for $458.00 and many more. Going through their online store, customers will notice discounted prices on selected items of their mattresses and bet sets. This helps save their clients a fair amount of time when looking for furniture stores in Singapore that have great prices.

Customers will indeed not be finding any shortage of wonderful deals with furniture shops in Singapore with them being available on a regular day to day basis. Furniture SG however, does not limit themselves with just beds and mattresses as their clients will also be able to find wood furniture in Singapore at their store. The same can also be said with regards to a bean bag in Singapore which can be purchased and delivered online. Some of these items are also offered at discounted prices making them cost efficient to acquire.

It is good to hear that people today have access to furniture mall in Singapore in a form of online website. Furniture SG has been taking the necessary measures in order to make their client’s stay over their website truly worthwhile. Aside from the wonderful deals, the store has also setup an email address as well as a hotline number making enquiries fast and convenient to their customers.

About Furniture SG:

FurnitureSG was started with the mission to provide the lowest price available in town and offering the convenience for consumers to shop at the leisure of their home 24/7. You can practically find any furniture you need for your home at FurnitureSG, ranging from TV cabinet, kitchen cabinet, dining sets, wardrobes, office chairs, sofas, beds, mattresses and etc. Their range and number of products are ever increasing as time goes by. The store pride themselves as having a transparent price structure with no hidden cost, with no worries of salesperson being around you to sales talk you and pressuring you into making purchases which you might regret later. To find out more information, you can head over to their website at

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