Furniture SG Offers Complete Pieces for your Bedroom


There’s nothing like coming home to the coziest bedroom you can possibly design. Whether you just settled in to your new space or you’re planning to bring in some new elements in your bedroom, Furniture SG has the resources you’ll need. Look through a wide variety of mattresses, sofa beds, wardrobes, and comfortable beds in Singapore.

Search for your cozy mattress today

Mattresses aid us towards having healthy sleeping habits. As you search for the item to exactly fit your needs, Furniture SG provides a set of category filters so you can further narrow down your top choices. These include brands, sizes, materials, types and firmness.

You can look up for a mattress sale in Singapore, and you’ll find how Furniture SG stands out among the rest. The online retailer has a wide array of brands which you can look through, at the convenience of your very own home. Furniture SG has screenshots of how each material of a unit would look like, along with an idea of its texture. They even have a hotline which you can call, so you can confirm some specifications which you’ve read from the website.

Provide sweet dreams with children’s beds

After every long day, your child can wind down and leave his or her worries behind, with night time stories and lullabies. While doing so, it’s best to have a cozy and creatively designed ally. This would be where Children’s Beds from Furniture SG would serve you well. The shop’s metal bed frames come in various colors of pink, blue, white, green, red and many more.

Additionally, you must be sure to partner up your chosen frames with mattresses which would be comfortable for your tots to sleep in. Amazingly, Furniture SG offers free installation and delivery. They even allow for after-office-hour deliveries. This way you can go over each detail of the installations, to secure each component of the frames.

Choose among dozens of wardrobe units

Furniture SG has various selections of wardrobes which can go with different sizes of spaces. These also come with a number of colors and finishes, so they can fit any mood you’d like to achieve in your bedroom. Most importantly, the modular wardrobes have varying kinds and numbers of dividers so you may exactly fit your valuables and organize them in the most convenient ways possible.

While Furniture SG typically offers price filters so you may have a shortlist of items which fit your budget, you may additionally get in touch with their customer service department. If you have queries about the details of a specific item, you may even opt to send your message to

About the company:

Furniture SG has a wide range of household furniture pieces for homeowners to choose from. Their mission is to provide the lowest cost of items possible, so customers can gain more from their budget. For more details about the items they carry, visit their online shop at today.

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