GeogCafe Shares the Success of their Students with its 2016 Testimonials


GeogCafe is proud to share the positive experience their students had with their Geography tuition centre showcasing results of their hard work over their testimonials section.

GeogCafe strives in producing timely and effective results with regards to their A level Geography tuition. As such, this tuition centre in Singapore are taking the necessary efforts in making sure that their Geography case studies as well as Social Studies tuition are up to date with the latest innovation for them to provide relevant information to its students. The efforts GeogCafe spent improving their Geography syllabus resulted to the inclusion of a variety of helpful subjects such as H2 Geography tuition, Secondary geography tuition as well as Combined humanities tuition which are available on a regular day to day basis for their students to make use of.

Their syllabus is not the only one that has received the necessary updates but also their Geography tutor. This private tuition in Singapore is home to A level geography tutor making them relatively easy to get in touch with. As a result, A level tuition with regards to Geography fieldwork and other related topics can be acquired in a timely and effective manner. This along with the timely Geography exam papers as well as Geography model answers that are shared regularly to their students helped greatly in achieving success.

GeogCafe’s hard work however, did not go to waste and this is quite apparent with wonderful results the learning centre has produced with regards to its students. In fact, almost 70 percent of Geogcafe’s students from 14 different centres scored distinction for 2015 A levels Geography recently. This is way above national average of 35 percent distinction and on par with Raffles. You will find more insight about this information by heading over to their 2016 testimonial page section which also includes a number of pictures to back their claims up. This page can be accessed at any given time when the need calls for one to do so.

It is also good to hear that the learning centre encourages their students to share their experience but not to the point that they are force to write one for GeogCafe. As a result, these testimonials feel more authentic and real as well as relatable to a huge number of students in the present.

About GeogCafe:

An Ex-JC Lecturer, Mr Eric Goh has tuition students from almost every Junior College in Singapore who scored distinction for H2/H1 Geography. Nearly every year, over 60 percent of his A-level tuition students obtained distinction. He has been a geography tutor for more than ten years. Mr Eric Goh has taught at Hwa Chong International School, and as the subject head, was being tasked to take charge of both IGCSE and final year IB students, resulting in nearly half the cohort scoring distinction for IB/IGCSE Geography. To find out more about GeogCafe, you can head over to their website at

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