Get competitive while losing weight: Your Weight loss buddy hosts weight loss contest


August - 2nd Press Release -

Singapore – There are various ways in motivating people to lose weight. Some use inspiration while others use forcible deprivation. People respond to each differently. This is the reason why different fitness club adapted more innovative and effective ideas in order to keep their members motivated and achieve their goals. Such activities pushes people a little more and refuel their drive with a bit more of extra motivation.

For this reason, Your Weight Loss Buddy also raises the bar with rewards in the Weight loss challenge. The weight  loss program does not only include work out routines, diet plans, and different zumba and yoga classes but a healthy and motivating completion hits the list as well.

As the team behind the company says, “We organize our Weight Loss Contest every fortnight, giving away up to $1,000 worth of rewards for the top 5 contestants. Each round of contest consists of a personal wellness coach educating, supporting, and motivating the contestants. If you are not able to walk away with the prizes, at least you will walk away with a fitter and healthier body. It’s a sure win contest to help everyone be motivated to work towards their end goal of a slimmer body!”

They also want to loosen up the tension in the struggle of losing weight by raising the competitive spirit in each and every member of the fitness club. The ‘buddy’ does not only serve as a companion but one the sets the standard or bar within the competitive scale.

Your Weight Loss Buddy will not leave the members unguided all throughout the competition but they will help each members in every step of the way instead with training coaches who will educate them with the right ways to meet their target goals driven by the motivation of rewards from the challenge. Thus, the competition encompasses all the elements to lose weight effectively and in the right approach. The coach will help them correct eating habits and adapt a regular fitness activities not only good for the body but also for mental fitness.

Taking everything into account, the essence of the challenge is to ignite the fountain of motivation for every member while the community achieve one and the same goal. Thus, it builds characters and habits which can be applied not only in effectively losing weight but also in their own lives as well. It is included in the extensive and all-encompassing weight loss program of Your Weight Loss Buddy.

About the company:

The team behind Your Weight Loss Buddy wants to help people who are facing weight problems with the correct weight loss methods. They will provide guidance to help to achieve your goal one step at a time. And your journey is never alone, thanks to the strong bonds between our community members. The fitness centre is with you every step of the journey. To find out more, visit:

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