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Do you frequently have heaps of documents to route? Most businesses of today have become much savvier when it comes to contract signing, so much so that they have the documents signed and sent via email. After all, email sending is much faster, especially when organizations are communicating off shore. If you’ll frequently need to have documents routed online and you’d like to secure your signatures from forging, you’ll definitely need the DigiCert Document Signing Certificate. Aside from securing an SSL certificate in Singapore, this is one necessity which you’ll surely need to have.

What is a Document Signing Certificate?

The DigiCert Document Signing Certificate includes a USB hardware token which has a two-factor authentication. The document’s security process starts with a password entry requirement, then it will be followed by the signature’s encryption itself. This means your emails’ recipients will be the only ones to access the document since they’ll need to be entering a password which can only be known by authorized signatories.

Compatibility with various types of documents

Cyber Secure Asia’s DigiCert Document Signing Certificate may also be applied to Adobe PDFs, Microsoft Office, LibreOffice and OpenOffice documents. Regardless of the interchanging parties’ chosen formats, you can be sure the signing certificates will have the ability to translate the signatures which will serve as the bases of various agreeements.

The capacity for customization

If you’d like to control the formats of your signature, then you may do so. With the use of Adobe Acrobat, you can change the look of your signature when it comes to placement, font, sizes and even additional graphics. This can further ensure the authenticity of your signature so you can ensure originality aside from safety through passwords and encryptions.

Automatic and easy to use

This product from Cyber Secure Asia does not require much training to be used. You can simply open the document and with the intuitive GUI it should be much easier for you to sign a couple of documents with just a few clicks. You can simply follow several prompts along the way and you’d be on your way towards making a certificate or contract fully authentic.

Increase and establish the trust among your business partners

With the use of the DigiCert Document Signing Certificate, you can ensure the papers you’ll be signing are authentic. This means your clients will be confident about the safety of the contracts and any other types of agreements which you’ll be sending.

About Cyber Secure Asia

As a company which was founded in Japan, Cyber Secure Asia opened its doors in Singapore so it can further offer its service in the security certification market. The company is well trusted by small and large scale businesses, as it uses advanced Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology. It mainly offers SSL certificate services among other authentication tools in relation to document retrievals online. For more information about the company and their services, you may visit

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