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Are you looking for the top institution which provides Economics Tuition in Singapore? If so, you’ll definitely find it beneficial to learn at the Economics Café. You can gauge how much you’ll learn by reading through a couple of Model Essays written by the institution’s Principal Tutor himself, Mr. Edmund Quek. Here are a couple of essays and topics which you can get inspired to learn from:

The CEconomics Model Essay Singaporeoncepts of Price, Income and Cross Elasticity of Demands

Beyond merely making the grade, students get to appreciate the value of taking up an A Level Economics Tuition, since they can apply what they learned in their future businesses. For instance, if they’re selling a couple of merchandise items, they can determine the best prices to set through the concepts they learned from Economics Café.

There are determinants which can affect the interactions between various factors of formulas. These should serve as your reference, especially when you’re about to decide on which steps your business must take, towards having a much more stable position within your industry.

Relationship of commodity prices and trading trends between suppliers

Upon reading through the Model Essays of Economics Café, students will find how certain events may influence a country’s Growth Domestic Product (GDP). A country’s position in the market place can be telling of its trading capacity, and how commodities will be affected by its related events. The model essays will state the other contributing factors related to how a set of prices and their corresponding demands will also sway the buying process of various customers.

On the trends of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCGs)

Most times, a product’s price will be dependent on the raw materials’ availability. In one of Economics Café’s model essays, the issue of Artificial Sweeteners and their related tax impositions are discussed.

The discussions on demands and supplies, in reference to how consumers react are indicated within the model essay. These are then valid determinants which indicate what businesses can expect if taxes are imposed on certain commodities. If you will be applying for an Econs Tuition in Singapore, these model essays will serve as your reliable sources upon attending a couple of lectures in Economics Café.

The choice between government subsidies and tax impositions on petrol

In Economics Café’s model essay, you can find discuss the related factors which can affect the prices of products. This time the prices will be affected by the subsidies or tax impositions. Students can do their very own reading before and after the discussions with their professor. This should enable them to fully grasp the various factors which affect the prices of petrol.

About Economics Café

Headed by Principal Tutor Mr. Edmund Quek, Economics Café provides methodologies which should enhance the learning experience among its enrollees. They include topics which revolve around the Understanding and Learning Journey of Economics, Focus on Students’ Learning Needs, News Article reviews, Article Writing, Discussions and many more. For more details about the lessons, visit their site at

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