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Industrial Computers are one of the most crucial investments you can make, especially when you’re in the business of heavy duty operations. Whether you work in the marine, railway or factory, it would be necessary to invest in coordination, information storage and communication systems. Among Singapore’s finest suppliers would be TNS Asia Pacific. Look through your options Embedded Computing, Touch Panel Solutions, and Industrial PCs along with Motherboards today.

Check out your options in Embedded Computing

Want to track the operational updates of your business? If so, then you’ll definitely need to invest in an embedded computer in Singapore. This unit can come in different functions from processing, storing and showing information in specific devices.

Thankfully, most embedded systems are produced in their most durable formats. This feature should ensure you have operational reliability in harsher environments. Upon considering a number of units to fit your communication and information processing needs, it would be necessary to place your order beforehand. Consult about the processors which would best serve your transmission requirements, with a top industrial retailer.

Project real-time information with Touch Panel Solutions

As you look for a Panel PC in Singapore, you’d find how these units come in different types and materials. Touch Panel units are great for office use, heavy duty factories and plants, marine industries, medical clinics, digital signage and more. Specific types of panels will have their functionalities and interface designed, depending on their uses. Medical units are specifically made, so specialists can look more closely and specifically through the details of every diagnosis.

Industrial PCs for heavy duty computing

TNS has the complete solutions for your industrial computing needs. Look through their Industrial Systems, Chassis, Motherboard, Computers with Single Boards, Passive Backplanes, and Multi Sport Serial Boards. These have the ability to process and store crucial information for your operational needs.

Use the Motherboard for hardware communicating components

If you will need to process various files within a single operation, you must have a motherboard that’s tough and fast-processing enough. These embedded boards come in different types of processors, although an Intel Chipset would serve as a standard processor to provide expansion options in your data gathering steps.

Be sure to consult with a top B2B specialist

While there are many customizable solutions out there, it would be wise to have your IT specialist walk through your existing information equipment. You must internally inspect your serial converters, remote automation, and even video surveillance systems. This way, you may already have a shortlist of items in mind and narrow down your top choices of equipment.


About TNS Asia Pacific

As a Singaporean-based organization, TNS Asia Pacific is known to deliver B2B solutions in Remote Automation, IP Surveillance, Industrial Computers and everything else about interconnection. Some of the brands which it carries include Axiomtek, Moxa, OT Systems and much more. To know more about how the company’s systems and equipment can work for your needs, you may visit their site at


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