Get Your Little Girl Dolled Up with Mini Outfitters


Your baby girl deserves all the best possible outfits, whether during a casual day or even more, during formal events. If you’d like to keep building on the ensemble of your little one, Mini Outfitters has the finds to complement your child. They have among the best baby clothes in Singapore, and you’ll be sure to see premium wardrobes which are equally stylish and comfortable for young girls of all ages.


A line of dresses for all occasions

Whether you’re taking your little one to a walk in the park, a play date, church or formal events, Mini Outfitters carries the items to blend with her personality. You look through dresses for girls, and you’ll find varied items which should suit baby girls from 2 to 16 years of age.

Mini Outfitters has selections from Hucklebones, Lili Gaufrette, Burberry, Stella McCartney, Armani junior and so much more. These are available in solid and patterned prints, along with pink, powder blue, white, denim, peach and many other colors.

Mix and match with tops and bottoms

For more active days, your precious one can wear shirts with interesting prints and drawings. Mini Outfitters has pieces which have shark prints over striped shirts, koala bears, zebras and more. Did you also know they’re available at special promo prices?

Mini Outfitters sells selected, designer childrens’ clothes at different discounts. For tops, they’re sold at 29% to 79% off. With the varied designs and colors, along with affordable price points, it should be quite inspiring to build on your little one’s wardrobe.

You can also complete your little one’s look with some specially selected bottoms from Mini Outfitters. Whether you’d like your baby girl to be stylish with harem pants, cotton shorts or skinny jeans, there’s a piece which you can find for your little one. Upon checking for kids clothes online, you’ll find how MiniOutfitters have bottoms in different solid and patterned prints. Their colors also vary from peach, gray, black, denim and many more.


Express your little one’s personality with accessories

Aside from being mixed and matched, every ensemble can look even more unique with accessories. As you shop for baby clothes in Singapore, you may also consider the accessories page and have your little one pick the item which she likes the most. These may include peach-colored bracelets, multi-colored scarves, stitched jersey brooch or cotton sling bags.

Mini Outfitters also carries some basic and essential accessories such as hair bands, hats, bow clips, backpacks and so much more.


About Mini Outfitters
As an online shop which sells premium branded outfits for children, Mini Outfitters is a members-only website so customers can shop for items at highly discounted prices. They carry over 50 international brands, such as Burberry, Armani, Monnalisa, Dolce & Gabbana and many more. For more information about the clothes they sell along with their available discounts, see their website at today. Sign up for an account and get the best items for your little one today.

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