Get private tutor at $15 per hour with A-tutors


home-tuition-rates-in-singaporeNowadays, home tuition rates range from $25 – $90 per hour. The price rates clearly shows how home tuition can be a burden in one’s budget graph especially when their kids are studying in an exclusive school.

But despite the high ranges of tuition rates, the need for private tutors may be necessary for one’s academic performance. Private tutors are now in demand as the standards in education continue to escalate and the level of difficulty of examination surges. It is therefore a challenge for us to seek a competent yet affordable private tuition rates in the private tuition market.

A-tutor, a home tuition agency, enables students to understand their lesson better with the aid of private tutors who will assure that your child has understood every lesson. This way, students are able to excel in class and get high grades in their subjects at school. Furthermore, they would also be able to develop the right study habit and learning techniques taught by their private tutors. In the long run, they would be able to study and learn on their own.

A-tutor has a huge database of experienced and competent tutors for different subjects such as English, Maths, Physics and Chemistry. Moreover, one can choose from the private tutors who can handle A level tuition, O level tuition, and GP tuition. They guide their students on how to analyse and answer various questions during examinations.

The private home tutors incorporate different teaching techniques and approach based on the learning capability of each and every student. Thus, tutors assure that students understand and remember all the concepts in their subjects as the lessons are explained in a way where they full comprehension is achieved.

A-tutors aims to extend top quality private tuition at competitive and affordable rates so more students would be able to perform well in school and have high grades reflected on their report cards. It is apparent in their price rates that the private tuition centre in Singapore has the least cost with a good list of competitive tutors.

What is more, Clients can request a home tutor for free so they can try and assess the services of A-tutors.

About the company:

A-Tutors is a home tuition agency that has a large database of experienced and capable home tutors for different students. They can help you in achieving academic excellence and a good standing in class through a good grasp, comprehension and even mastery different subject matter. They have Chinese tutors to help students in understanding lessons well at a pace they can keep up. The company provides the most effective as well as efficient assistance and means in finding excellent and appropriate private tutor for every student.

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