Get Spine and Back Pain Treatment from one of Singapore’s Trusted Orthopaedic Surgeons


The spine is one of the most vital parts of the human body. It is the pathway for our brain to send messages all over the body. We can’t move or even do basic but important bodily functions without our spine. We need our spine for movement, support, coordination and control. Spine disorders, once ignored, may cause permanent damage in the future. Thus it is important that the spine disease of a person is treated as soon as possible.

There are various orthopaedic clinics in Singapore nowadays, but if you are looking for a trusty spine surgeon in the region, Dr. Leslie Ng is one of the persons you should consult.

Dr. Leslie Ng is one of Singapore’s leading experts in spine treatment. He graduated from the United Kingdom and has taken training in hospitals there, such as the Leicester University Hospital and is applying the knowledge he has learned in spine surgery by working at Tan Tock Seng Hospital. He is also the first Asian Trainee to be accepted in the pioneer two years United Kingdom Spine Surgery fellowship training program. He is also very active in undergraduate and post-graduate teaching at National University Hospital.

Dr. Ng is a person with a brilliant mind who has been very passionate about spine surgery since the early stage of his junior doctor training. His hard work is all for the goal of creating innovative methods of treating back pain and spine disorders. He focused on developing advance spine surgical techniques for complex spine deformity and pathology. It has been his aim to cure degenerative spine disease as well. He is also an expert in the use of advance technology, in order for patients to undergo safe surgery.

Among the services he now offers are back and neck pain treatment, adolescent and idiopathic scoliosis correction, slip disc and spinal stenosis surgery, spine fractures and spine cancer treatment, osteoporosis treatment, and medication for general orthopaedic trauma and long bone fracture. Dr. Ng also gives provides medication for degenerative joint conditions. He is also a United States certified spine specialist when it comes to conducting lateral spine surgery. He had conceptualized the technique of “indirect decompression”, making spine surgery easier and with reduced blood loss. Dr. Leslie Ng is a spine specialist who has a heart for those suffering from spine disorder and other degenerative joint conditions. He is an expert orthopaedic surgeon whom a lot of patients trust fully.

About Leslie Ng
Dr. Leslie Ng is one of South East Asia’s top spine specialists. He graduated from University of London and has taken his training in the United Kingdom. He underwent training at the University Hospital of Leicester under the guidance of Mr. Philip J. Sell, who was also the president of EuroSpine in 2014. He has published over twenty research papers in prestigious Spine, Bone & Joint and European Spine Journal. For more information, please visit:

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