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Are you planning to sign up for an Economics course? If you’d like to take up an Economics Tuition in Singapore, you might want to be a student at the Economics Café. One of their biggest strengths would be their professors, as they enable their students to become highly knowledgeable and appreciative of the subject. Here are some of the reasons why every learning experience with Economic Café’s instructors would be worth your while:

Years of experience in teaching

Upon considering an A Level Economics Tuition with Economics Café, you’ll find how their teachers have over a decade of experience in teaching. This means they can handle the different learning styles and capacities of their students, towards ensuring every learning situation would be fruitful and beneficial.

Educational background and academic achievements

It’s certainly a plus to find how Economics Café’s Mr. Edmund Quek has acquired degrees, enabling him to be highly knowledgeable about the topics related to Economics. He graduated with a Master’s Degree in Economics from the National University of Singapore, plus he also acquired a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) level on Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. With his academic honors, Mr. Quek is considered to be among the highly qualified tutors in Singapore.

Published works as studying references

If a professor’s works have been sold in thousands of copies, you know you’ll be significantly learning from him or her. As you apply for an Econs tuition in Singapore, you’ll also find learning resources which will be helpful not only during class but also while running your future business. For instance, Economics Café’s JC Economics Model Essays have been sold for over 12,000 copies. This just goes to show how students have been inspired by the essays’ contents to improve their academic standing.

Insights and teaching philosophy

More than simply relaying a couple of concepts and having them memorized from a list, Economics Café’s teachers will ensure values will go with each lesson they impart. The value infusion should ensure students would be gaining more from the subject, hence will find the concepts useful to be applied in real-world scenarios.

Positive feedback from students

Economics Café certainly has effective professors, and students can attest to their exceptional methods. Some even mentioned how they had an increased appreciation of Economics. They could already see how the subject could be applied in their daily lives. Students also appreciated the tone of the class, since Economics Café ensures healthy and light-hearted learning environment in each session.

About Economics Café

Founded by Economics Tutor Mr. Edmund Quek, Economics Café offers various methodologies to ensure fruitful learning experiences among students.

The school includes Understanding Economics as a subject, the Learning Journeys involved with each topic, Focusing on the Students’ learning needs, going through News articles, Writing exercises, discussions and many more. These lessons should ensure students will have a clear grasp, understanding and appreciation of Economics. For more details about Economics Café, visit their site at

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