Mummy’s Massage, Singapore’s leading Prenatal and Postnatal Massage Services Company offers services exclusive to mothers only. They offer several excellent massage and services specially designed for the welfare of expectant mothers and mothers who recently gave birth.

The company has devised different services categorized according to the options and recommendations for mothers, based on their unique cases. Among such are the prenatal massage, post natal massage slimming massage, miscarriage massage, and fertility massage.

As with the post-miscarriage or abortion care treatment, it is aimed at diminishing the physical pain of a mother who incurred such fortuitous events. This treatment provides full body massage to address any pains, aches or muscle stiffness that she may have encountered during her pregnancy, among others.

Mummy’s Massage uses only the best oils and products in completing the treatment.

First on the list is the Olive Massage Oil. Mummy’s Massage uses 100% pure olive massage oil which contains antioxidants that prevents cell degeneration for the skin and healing properties. Olive oil is one of the widest used oil and is the premium choice also for their prenatal and postnatal massage as it has properties that cause the skin to regenerate and improves elasticity thus preventing stretch marks from forming and lightens those that are already present.

Secondly is the Castor Oil, which is a remedy that is used for healing especially in the abdomen areas. As part of a mother’s recovery process, she will also receive a Hot Thermal Rubber Water Bottle, which is used together with the castor oil. The heat pack helps to relief any pains and cramping, while bringing fresh oxygenated blood and nutrients into the uterus areas, and promotes the absorption of the castor oil deep into the areas in order to speed up the recovery in the particular areas.

Third is the Aromatherapy Fertility Female Essential Oil. The Fertility Female Essential Oil created by a Clinical Aromatherapist from Institute of Aromatherapy Singapore, is a special blend of essetials oil concocted specially for women’s fertility. It is made up of all natural plant extract and has properties essential for building, repairing and balancing of female hormones in order to improve the overall health of the uterus.

Mummy’s Massage also boasts of its mixture of Jamu, Slimming Oil, and Cellulite Cream. This mix is used for women who had undergone close to the full pregnancy term. This is the aftercare treatment that they will need which will be as comprehensive as the Postnatal Care treatment since their body has undergone the same changes as of any normal full term pregnancy. This treatment includes the famous Jamu Massage. Mummy Massage also uses Aromatherapy Slimming Essential Oils and Cellulite Cream for the health benefits as well as for slimming.

Last on the list is the slimming wrap. This slimming wrap originates from Indonesia which is called Bengkung. It is made from a special sturdy material, found in native South East Asia. This piece of cloth is normally six meters long, and is used only for the purpose of Postnatal Massage. After massaging the abdomen area and applying Jamu and Slimming Oil and Cellulite Cream, the slimming wraps will be customized to mother’s body and she will be advised to leave it on for six to eight 8 hours for maximum benefits.

Mummy’s massage is Singapore’s leading prenatal and postnatal massage therapy company which offers services exclusive to mothers only. It provides different massage therapies and services aimed to address the problems of expectant mothers and mothers who recently gave birth. Salwa Salim, a healthcare professional specializing in Women & Baby’s health founded the company. For more information, visit:

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