Getting a Sofa Bed in Singapore


It used to be difficult to look for a contemporary sofa bed. Today, buyers have the problem of choosing one sofa bed Singapore among the many options. Due to the emergence of the sofa bed market, we now can now have a luxurious sofa and a comfortable bed in one. This piece of furniture has many features and factors to consider.

sofa bed Singapore

Size of sofa bed Singapore

First off, you have to consider your space and how big the sofa will be for it to fit in. The size of the sofa bed matters more than the standard sofa since it also is the size for the bed. Remember that it has dual purpose.

Format or Design

You have a couple of basic formats for a sofa bed. The first is when the bed is folded up and it sits within the sofa frame when unused. These are perfect for sofas that have to be used all the time. The comfort of the bed should be considered differently from the sofa seating. Usually it has a metal frame and a mattress which are separate from each other. It is supported with a fabric or a mesh pulled tautly into springs that are attached to the metal frame.

The second type is one which has the bed part forming the entire seating area. This can be further categorized into sections: the old style foam sofa seat and the other one is inspired by futon market.

The first one folds out to turn into a bed which is good when it’s not used often. The second one has the back and the seat of the sofa flattened out to become a bed. With the futon style sofa bed the mattress is often detachable. With a detachable mattress, it means that it can be turned around. A detachable mattress has another advantage since it can be replaceable when it gets worn out. You can also easily find covers for it which means that it can be maintained easily.


One of the factors to consider when getting a sofa bed is to think about how much tear it will have and where that tear will be.

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