Gladys Care excels in Pre and Post Natal Services in Singapore


gladys-care-is-a-confinement-nanny-agency-that-provides-postnatal-care-for-mummies-in-singaporeTaking care of the expecting mother and new mother is a very critical task since there are a lot of do’s and don’ts involved. The new mothers in Singapore are very keen in getting back to form and join the work force as soon as they can so that they can stay on track with the developments at office.

This situation has given rise to the need to heal quickly after giving birth. Healing after delivery needs the touch of people with the right knowledge and expertise so as not to jeopardise the lives of both the baby and the new mother.

A confinement nanny agency that provides both pre and postnatal care services

Gladys Care provides pre and postnatal care to all the new mothers in Singapore. Established since 1987, Gladys Care services focus on lactation, confinement food, and massages.

According to them, per and post natal confinement care will ensure the new mother eases gracefully into motherhood. They provide advices, guidance and company so that the new mother does not feel lost and alone.

The body of a new mother is also constantly undergoing changes pre and post-delivery. These changes need to be embraced and that is what the Gladys Care has set out to do.

Gladys Care also provides homecare lactation nurses who help the new mother to get used to breastfeeding. Breastfeeding has been known to be intimidating, scary and frustrating.

Homecare lactation nurses are sent to help the new mother to find her niche, enlighten the mother on food to consume to increase milk flow, help the new mother with issues such as latching difficulties, painful nursing, low milk production, inadequate weight gain, sore nipples, low milk supply, mastitis, thrush, and engorged breasts.

Homecare lactation nurses are professional breastfeeding specialists who work at hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices, and private practices.

Confinement herbs for mummies

Gladys Care also provides customized confinement food for the new mother. Food intake is given great importance at Gladys Care Agency since the right food should be taken to ensure the steady growth of the baby and provide energy to the new mother.

Gladys Care will prepare Malaysian-Cantonese confinement cuisine such as fermented red wine chicken, vinegar pork trotter, black fungus chicken wine mee sua, turmeric chicken and double boil black bean oxtail herbal soup. These are made with fresh and quality ingredients to enhance the well-being of the baby and the new mother.

The overall well-being of the new mother does not only include her physical health. The mental health plays a major role as well. Therefore, traditional Javanese Postnatal Massage is done by certified by Chinese and Malay Masseurs. Aimed to distress the new mother, the full body massage includes tummy wrap and corset. The massage is said to:

  • Improve blood circulation
  • Expel lochia
  • “Lift” the womb to avoid sagging
  • Straighten out the veins
  • Break down fat
  • Slimming, tone and shape up the body of the new mother.

Other services of Gladys Care:

  • Bathing baby daily
  • Feeding baby
  • Caring for the baby so that the new mother can rest
  • Prepare nutritious confinement dishes
  • Laundry for mother and baby
  • Maintaining the cleanliness of kitchen and utensils, simple and light household chores
  • Doing marketing needs

About Gladys Care:

Gladys Care is a well-established pre and post natal services for expecting mothers ad new mothers in Singapore since 1987. They provide pre and post Gladys Care, traditional confinement diet, homecare lactation nurse, traditional Javanese massage and trainings for the new mothers to take care of their new baby.

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