Glass Scratch Removal and Repair Systems Services by Chiaki Worldwide


Chiaki Worldwide introduces glass scratch removal and repair systems to its impressive resume in the field of commercial and residential first class restoration services.

Using revolutionary break-through technology nowadays glass scratches can be removed with relative ease. Like most of Chiaki Worldwide’s procedures, the process of uses three steps to remove scratches from glass. The first step is to remove the glass scratch and this new services makes use standard and heavy duty scratch hog systems. These are designed to restore light or heavy scratch damage.

With the glass scratch removed, the second step is to resurface the glass. Using patented micro-replicating and substrate resurfacing discs from the standard and heavy duty hog system the damaged glass area is resurfaced effectively and efficiently. The final step is polishing the glass to return it to its previous scratch free state.

The thing that sets Chiaki Worldwide’s service apart from other is that it combines Glass Scratch Removal and Repair Systems to return glass to its original clarity. This method is three times effective and removes mild to serve scratches with minimal distortion.

In addition to the services offered by the company employees themselves, Chiaki Worldwide also offers customers a Dot-It-Yourself kit. If a customer needs to do minor repairs this could prove to be cost effective as it would save them fees charged by an expert.

The Glass Technology’s standard and heavy duty Scratch Hog Systems used in this new service can be applied over a range areas including; windows, glass doors, glass buildings, glass graffiti and any surface made of glass.

About Chiaki Worldwide:
Since 1989 Chiaki Worldwide has been offering restoration systems of the highest quality for commercial and residential clientele. The company span over a number of Asian countries including, Brunei, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam. Services provided by Chiaki Worldwide range from, marble polishing, chemical cleaning, facade cleaning, ceiling cleaning, reglazing and refinishing bathtubs, removing scratches from glass, anti-slip treatment, ant-slip coating, hardrock stone care and the new addition, waterproofing.

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