Gluten-free diet made easy and yummy: prepares a wide variety of food recipe for gluten-free diet routine


Shaping up one’s body figure today has been addressed through different diet and work out programs. People now has filtered every food they take and monitor every calorie their bodies sop up and digest.  One of the most effective method in food diet is the gluten-free diet. It has been proven safe and effective as it does not use chemicals to easily lose weight and shed off the excess fats in the body.

However, the dilemma can be spot on to the selection of food to eat as it is known to limit the food choices as the knowledge of the public when it comes to the gluten-free food are inadequate as well. This has been the main problem of those engaged in such diet plan. Devising a recipe can be a tough job for the individual who also have work and other matters to attend to every day.

For this reason, created a wide variety of recipes that are all consist of gluten-free food. Moreover, these recipes are made and combined not only for a hearty and healthy meal but something that can be enjoyed for its delicious flavors.

The company has different recipes for appetizers, snacks and desserts such as dairy free margarita cupcakes, dessert chips and salsa, easy pumpkin soup, portobello mushroom caps with honey figs & sheep cheese and thirty more other recipes. All of which are easy to prepare taking less than an hour.

There are also beverages. also has main dishes in store for lunch and dinner such as easy beef briske, seared cauliflower, broccoli and truffle burrata pasta, chicken pizza with chilli tomato sauce, bbq chicken rolls with avocado and the likes. Apparently, the recipe are not restricted to the common healthy dishes but allows individuals to eat what seem to be a cheat meal such as pizza.

The company thus aims a hearty and healthy meals through a gluten-free living. It is a modern way of being conscious with the way we eat and take care of ourselves. The company also delivers gluten-free diet foods and offers free delivery in Singapore for orders above $100.

Clients and customers also have more than 45 brands to choose from as the company creates a wide diversity of food choices that suits every individual’s preferences and demands. For them, shaping up and diet plans don’t have to be a major problem and be a source of one’s self deprivation.

About the company: was started by a group of friends who wished to bring a comprehensive and delicious selection of gluten-free products to their fellow Singaporeans. The company has several acquaintances who are on strict gluten-free diets, and they have been struggling to find a good gluten-free selection locally to suit their needs. Online purchase from overseas retailers are also restricted given the prohibitive cost of shipping. Inspired by their struggles, they created for customers to easily, quickly locate and purchase gluten-free products. To find out more, visit:

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