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shutterstock_168666851The gluten free diet is not only meant for the person who is diagnosed with celiac disease. Many young adults in Singapore have taken up this diet as it is proves to be more healthy and helps with you daily nutritional needs. So it is not too late get onto a gluten-free diet and starting looking and feeling fit. Glutenfreesg serves as a distributor of all the needs for the gluten-free diet.

Glutenfreesg offers a wide range of food products such as baking items, cooking essentials, groceries, performance food, snacks beverage and drinks. All of which are gluten-free and imported from USA, New Zealand and Australia.  Your entire shopping cart from the will be delivered to your doorstep. The wake of online grocery shopping is not limited to non-gluten free diet alone. You can easily find your necessities to fulfil your next gluten-free meal.

Some of these food products available are staple food such as rice, pasta, cereals and condiments, sauces, meat varieties, vegetables, chesses, dried food and many more items that are important for your cooking needs. You can also find snacks for all kinds of occasion, energy bars, popcorn, biscuits, cakes, crackers and many more for children and adults too.

There are a wide range of exclusive products only available at glutenfreesg such as gluten-free brands from USA; Caveman cookies, ERG!, Health warrior, Simple squares. From New Zealand; Blue Frog, CleanPaleo, Hubbards and more. From Australia; Maretai Organics, Bun Coffee, O’Brien and more.

Products and food items that are available in are catered to even more specific diets as well. It has more streamlined pages for dairy-free diet, egg-free diet, halal diet, kosher diet, low sugar, nut free diet, no sugar diet, no msg, organic products, paleo diet, preservatives-free diet, soy-free diet, vegan, wheat-free and yeast-free as well. So matter what your diet is bookmark it and shop conveniently.

Recipes are also available online for gluten-free dieters who wish to cook up a meal themselves. Get into the kitchen and start your delicious meal gluten-free. Information relating to gluten free diet and celiac disease are also posted regularly on the website.


GlutenFreeSG is an online shop that is under Delicious GF Pte Ltd. They specialize in providing top quality gluten-free food in Singapore. They have the widest selection of delicious and healthy products from over 50 brands. They are the one-stop shop for those who pursue a healthy, gluten-free diet.

To know more about GlutenFreeSG, you may visit their website:


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