offers delicious and guilt free food in Singapore

0 is an online provider of delicious and guilt free food in Singapore. They are the one-stop online shop for those who are in need of gluten-free food. The online food store is founded by a group of friends who love to live a healthy lifestyle. They decided to set up a business that provides a comprehensive selection of gluten-free products to Singaporeans. This online store is established to provide healthy, gluten-free food that are also delicious.

People who seek to have a healthy and gluten-free lifestyle will love’s wide collection of products. offers a great variety of products that are yummy and gluten-free. They offer products from over 50 different brands, some of which are imported from Australia and USA. They have gluten-free products from companies such as Hubbards, Caveman Cookies, Emelia’s, Clean Paleo, Snack Guru, Urban Appetite and Biokia. They offer snacks, like Nut Crunch and granola bars. Moreover, they offer cereals, vegetables, and cured meats. They even provide gluten-free beverages, like beer, white wine, and red wine.

The best part is that customers no longer have to suffer the hassle of driving around in order to shop for gluten-free products at the stores. Through’s website, you can simply shop online. You can even find yummy gluten-free recipes on their websites. They are always ready to bring you your choice of gluten-free food, straight to your doorstep.

Gluten-free diet is what people who suffer from Celiac disease have to do in order to avoid health complications. Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder where ingestion of gluten leads to damage in the small intestine, particularly on the villi, the small fingerlike projections lining the small intestine which promote nutrient absorption. It is a hereditary disease which can lead various autoimmune disorders such as Type I diabetes and multiple sclerosis, as well as anemia, osteoporosis, infertility and miscarriage. Nevertheless, a gluten-free diet has many benefits, even to those who do not have Celiac disease. Munching on gluten-free snacks means you also intake many vitamins and antioxidants, which helps cleanse your body of many impurities. The essential vitamins and minerals that you get from gluten-free food also boost your immune system. Moreover, indulging in a gluten-free lifestyle will help you have a fitter body. And most importantly, you gain even more energy when you eat food that is gluten-free.

Delicious and guilt-free food are now made even better thanks to This online food store is what the people in Singapore should go to if they seek to indulge in top quality food that are gluten-free, and are undoubtedly and guiltlessly yummy.

About is an online shop that is under Delicious GF Pte Ltd. They specialize in providing top quality gluten-free food in Singapore. They have the widest selection of delicious and healthy products from over 50 brands. They are the one-stop shop for those who pursue a healthy, gluten-free diet.

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