Why Go for Asia Employment?


Asia Employment is a maid agency in SgIf you’ve been looking for a partner in maid services, you’d be glad to learn about how Asia Employment has the qualities which can be beneficial for your home. As a top maid agency in Singapore, the organization has several years of experience, specialized services and a couple of loyal customers. See how the company can be great for your household today.

30 years of experience in the maid placement industry

Asia Employment has been serving its customers for over 30 years now, and this means they have the experience in choosing a fitting maid for your household. They have access to maids from Indonesia and the Philippines. For instance, you might be looking for hospitable and fast learning helpers. It would then be advisable for you to consider Filipino maids in Singapore.

Their maids’ years of experience

Did you know Asia Employment has maids who served families for almost eight years? Maids with the most experience in serving households will likely have increased chances of staying loyal to their next clients. You can also check through the profile and working experience of your potentially shortlisted maids, by consulting or setting a session with Asia Employment.

Testimonials of previous and existing clients

As you look through Asia Employment’s client testimonials, you’d be interested to read through their pleasant experiences with the company. They mentioned how the organization provided them with comprehensive and efficient services when it comes to ensuring the right fit of domestic helpers.

If some arrangements would not work out the first time, the organization can promptly replace new ones. This way, the adjustments will not be getting in the way of your daily errands, chores and upcoming personal events.

Check out their affiliate organizations

To further increase their industry experience, knowledge and network, Asia Employment is currently affiliated with the country’s top related organizations. These include Ministry of Manpower (MOM), Association of Employment Agencies Singapore, Immigration and Checkpoints Authority, and Employer’s Orientation Programme.

If you’d like to further ask about the credentials, this means Asia Employment has access to related organizations which can look through the records of your maid. As you also look for a domestic helper in Singapore, you might probably be interested to further have your maid trained with her skills. This is where the company’s affiliate organizations would also be of help.

See their Value Added Services

You can further have your maid’s documents updated through Asia Employment’s Work Permit Renewal, Passport Updating, Work Permit Cancellation, Home Leave Processing, Exit Pass, Professional Work Pass and many more.

About Asia Employment

As Singapore’s exceptional agency, Asia Employment has over 30 years of experience to provide maid placements for various homes. They can promptly send Filipino and Indonesian maids within their clients’ requests. They also provide Medical Examination, Air Ticket and Insurance services for maids.

To know more about their main and value added services, you may visit their site at http://www.asiaemployment.com.sg/. Send them a query by filling out their contact form.

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