Gold Technic continues refining modern day diamond tools manufacturing and jewelry making industry through its world-class products and services


Gold Technic, being the only and leading company that manufactures diamond tools, has now expanded its line of innovative and cutting edge products as well as services in the industry of precise manufacturing.

With the advance manufacturing facilities in Singapore, Gold Technic is known to provide guaranteed and tested engineering solutions for its clients through the production of cutting edge tools used in making precise cuts and forms of Single Crystal diamonds and other precious stones and metals.

Its expertise circles and continues to expand around the domain of products and services for diamond tools manufacturing rooted on engineering solutions which are supported by cutting edge technological methods. Not only that, Gold technic expands its sphere of expertise in providing products and services for jewelry engraving.

With more than 20 years of experience in providing quality services and quick turnarounds, the company brings several products and services meeting different demands and needs of its clients and customers. The line of products include diamond tools, diamond dressers, Diamond dies, Texturing tools, Laser Machines. They also offer other machine accessories that fits to your needs made especially for what the situation demands.

They also have polishing and maintenance services for all the kinds of diamond tools which are delivered back in no time. The company commits to the efficiency and excellence when it comes to their services as well taking no time-out in providing quality services to its clients and customers.

Among its competitive services are: Diamond tool re-lapping/polishing, Diamond Dies refurbish, Laser Fiber repair, Laser Rod Repair (rod refurbishing services), and Jewelry Manufacturing consultation. On matters involving Laser fiber repair, which is part of their expanding market structure, includes cleaning and inspections, fiber care, fiber termination, and connector repair.

Moreover, included in the lane of its expanding business is the Jewelry Manufacturing consultation which expresses their growing savvy not only on manufacturing precise diamond tools but also in the art of jewelry crafting discussing matters on jewelry chain and jewelry casting as Gold Technic has gained its reputation as the problem solver since it has been a product of countless useful techniques, equipment, and product types to suit any forms of needs which are bound to be given the best solution.

Thus, Gold Technic does not only provide services for several diamond tools but also offers consultancy services on matters of new lines of jewelry chains and casting giving a good head start to those who’d like to start up a company on the craft of jewelry manufacturing.

About the company:

Gold Technic, established in 1986, is a manufacturer of Single Crystal Diamond tools and Laser Machine products that are used to make precise details on every cutting needs as well as jewelry engraving. For more than 20 years, it has established competitive and exclusive engineering solutions to provide the best products and services to your specific needs. To find out more, visit:

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