Gold Technic expands into a recognized jewelry manufacturing consultation


Gold Technic, being the only and leading company that manufactures diamond tools, has now expanded its broadline of services in the diamond manufacturing industry as it prospers into providing jewelry manufacturing consultation as well.

Geared with more than 25 years of experience of providing advanced engineering solutions for diamond manufacturing tools, Gold technic now grows into a diverse company that can be a partner for various diamond interrelated enterprises. It will not only provide precise pieces of advice in diamond cutting and polishing tools but will also be an expert contributor in setting up a new production lines for jewelry chains and jewelry casting.

Gold technic, from its wide variety of diamond tools, dressers, and other products such as Posalux Diamond Tools, Repair Laser Fiber, Diamond Tool Single Crystal, Mitusbishi ST600F, ST600F Laser Fiber, has developed a proficiency in the craft of the jewelry business. Their clients can now revel in the option of extending its partnership with alike businesses. Hence, another growth for both companies with adept in different but complimentary skills and knowledge.

The combination of the advance manufacturing facilities of Gold Technic and jewelry manufacturing facilities of Gold technic guarantees its clients with best solutions not only in the production of cutting edge diamond tools, diamond dressers, Posalux Diamond tools, Diamond tools single crystal and the likes, but also in the field of jewelry making where the precise and intricate stones and jewelry designs are greatly considered.

Clients and customers can have consultation with the Director of Gold technic, Mr. Ben Wong. They are encouraged take part in a productive exchange of ideas especially when starting up a fresh and new project in the domains of the jewelry business. There will be discussions about products and services even for jewelry engraving.

Its reputation in providing quality products and services is now extended to the sphere of jewelry consultation. Gold technic’s expertise now includes the production of cutting edge ideas and solutions in the craft of jewelry making and business. The company now grows from providing competitive services in manufacturing diamond tools and services but also in the actual jewelry industry as well.

Jewelry consultation is now included among the other line of services of the company such as Diamond tool re-lapping/polishing, Diamond Dies refurbish, Laser Fiber repair, Laser Rod Repair (rod refurbishing services), and Jewelry Manufacturing consultation and on matters involving Laser fiber repair, which is part of their expanding market structure, includes cleaning and inspections, fiber care, fiber termination, and connector repair.

Gold technic has reached another milestone in its adept savvy in handling precious stones and metals. It has branched out another field of expertise which can better help them provide cutting edge solutions and services for their clients in the very diverse and expedient sense as they provide their clients a head start to those who’d like to grow and have a progress in their business as well.

About the company:
Gold Technic, established in 1986, is a manufacturer of Single Crystal Diamond tools and Laser Machine products that are used to make precise details on every cutting needs as well as jewelry engraving. For more than 25 years, it has established competitive and exclusive engineering solutions to provide the best products and services to your specific needs. To find out more, visit:

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