Gold Technic offers top-of-the-line Diamond Tools, plus more


Gold Technic, international exporter and manufacturer of diamond tools for Precision Engineering and Jewellery making, provides excellent quality products. It is the only company in Singapore that exports single crystal diamond tools worldwide.

Gold Technic is at the paramount of precision manufacturing in Singapore for more than twenty years, and the company’s production and service is as excellent as ever by ensuring the consistency of the quality of their products and opting for the best methods of production. The company offers diamond tools that are hand-crafted and tested, so customers can be assured that their products are consistently of world-class quality. They provide the finest tools in Precision Engineering as well as Jewellery Engraving. Their products ranged from Single Crystal Diamond Tools and Posalux Diamond Tools to Laser Products and Machine Accessories. They also offer custom made products, thus clients are assure that they can get the tools that they want to have.

Gold Technic strives for a hundred-percent customer satisfaction, thus they make sure to upgrade the company’s facilities and machineries. Gold Technic is a company that believes in innovation, so they make sure to use cutting-edge technology in order to keep up with the high standards for manufactured diamond tools nowadays. The products are inspected thoroughly through all stages of production, and they even check the diamond tools under a 1000x inspection microscope to see if the edges were all chip free, and also to check if the profile is correct. With their strict quality control, Gold Technic ensures that customers will get strongly brazed, high quality diamond tools with features which precisely meet their needs.

As for their services, Gold Technic has come to adopt a manufacturing system called JIT (Just In Time) in order to ensure on-time delivery after receiving the order from the customer. Aiming to fulfil the needs of their customers, Gold Technic also provides support and service for laser machines. Moreover, the company offers consultancy services for those who would like to set up production lines for jewellery chains and jewellery casting.

About Gold Technic
Gold Technic has been the leading manufacturer of diamond tools in Singapore. Established in 1986, it has been Singapore’s sole exporter of diamond tools worldwide for almost 30 years. Gold Technic offers quality products, providing customers with custom made tools that perfectly meet their needs. The company also provides maintenance and support services to customers. Gold Technic’s products are widely used not only in Asia but also in parts of Europe. For more information, visit

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