Good Economics Tuition Is Crucial In Getting Good Grades


Many students tend to rely on tuition classes to get good results in examinations. This has raised the questions of whether tuition classes are necessary by the parliament as well as the people of Singapore. Excellence in studies do not only depend on tuition classes but it also depends on the attitude and productivity of the students in maximizing what they learned in school.

This maybe so, but school teachers may have difficulties in providing their full attention to all the students equally and this has caused negligence in many students who struggled with their school work. As a result, school work that are thought to benefit the students more as it increases, created more of a confusion and stress for students who cannot apply the concepts very well due to the lack of knowledge and understanding.

It is possible to pass the examination without participation in tuition classes, but this can be seen as an aspect that belongs to selected individuals who are gifted and born intelligent. Thus, it became a trend to go to tuition in order to score well. One thing to note is that tuition classes do not only aim for their students to pass the exams but it is more focused on getting the students to excel in the exams with time spent on strengthening their weak concepts. In fact, this has been proven to be helpful in getting students to obtain a distinction in economics rather than students who didn’t take part in tuition classes.

Currently, the tuition trend had become inexorable in Singapore. This has resulted in many tuition centres offering tuition classes due to the demand from students. The tuition trend has also caused debate in the parliament on whether or not it would be better to regulate it or abolish it, since many tuition classes did not have qualified tutors teaching the subjects.

A point to know would be that Economics Cafe have been backed by good reviews from numerous students who benefited from the lessons received. This proves that supplementary tuition with Economics Cafe is worth the cost with the dedicated group of tuition teachers available.

About Economics Cafe
Economics Cafe is an economics tuition centre in Singapore that is registered with the Singapore’s Ministry of Education. Economics Cafe primarily focus on A-level economics and excel in imparting their assistance to the students in the subject. Mr. Edmund Quek, who is the principal economics tutor of Economics Cafe in Singapore is a highly qualified economics tutor with almost two decades of teaching experience. For more information, visit

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Singapore 188727
(near City Hall and Bugis MRT stations, opposite National Library)

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Blk 513 Bishan Street 13
#01-500 (Level 2 Room 5)
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(near Bishan MRT station, opposite CPF building)

Phone: 82688918
For classroom rental, please call 64023981

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