Graphic Direction provides top quality customized corporate gifts in Singapore


Graphic Direction is one of Singapore’s top providers of custom made gifts for corporate purposes. They started out as a digital and offset printing company in 1983, but with the advancement of technology, they have maximized the use of print and have become one of the most trusted when it comes to creating top quality corporate gifts in Singapore today.

Graphic Direction makes use of printing in providing people with personalized gifts. As a company that has gained years of experience in the printing industry, they made use of the power of printing technology to come up with other things that are necessary for businesses nowadays. Today they provide graphic and web designs for various corporations. They also print brochures, greeting cards, flyers, pop-up displays, wall murals and banners for events and other corporate campaigns. But other than that, they have become a company that offer fast creation of different personalized gifts which can be used by corporations to promote products as well as to be used as souvenirs during company events.

They have a great variety of customized gifts for you to choose from. They make use of their cutting edge technology to produce items such as daily wares like sports towels. They also have drinking wares such as sports drinking bottles, tea bottles, stainless steel thermos mugs, and juice bottles. They also offer customized eco-friendly products such as Eco Recycled paper pens and pen holders, as well as Eco Recycled notepads and sticky pads. Moreover, they also provide personalized gadgets such as keychain USB and lanyard USB, even items such as power banks. They can also customize and come up with multi-purpose products such as ball pen that is also a USB and also has a laser pointer. Other products from Graphic Directions are metal pens, plastic pens and multifunction pens, stationery items like notepads with pens, travel gifts, promotional bags, and a lot more.

Graphic Direction is just the ideal company to call if you are in need of corporate gifts right away. They have a fast turnaround time. They are capable of delivering the items you asked within 7 to 30 days, depending on the availability of stock as well as the quantity of the corporate gift you asked for. With the help of their machines, they are capable of meeting deadlines, something which a lot of other corporate gift makers cannot achieve. Moreover, they also make sure that their products have undergone a thorough quality check before handing them over to the clients. This ensures customers that they will receive nothing but the best quality items. Graphic Direction believes in giving customers nothing but the best products and fast service at all times. It is their commitment as one of Singapore’s top producers of customised gifts to be able to give their client satisfaction.

About Graphic Direction
Graphic Direction Pte Ltd is a fast pace moving corporate gifts provider in Singapore that has been established in the year 1983. They are a digital and offset printing company that specializes in printing applications for daily marketing collaterals use. They provide custom made corporate gifts for promotion and events at a fast turnaround time. To know more about Graphic Direction, please visit their website:

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