Grey Granny Hair Tops Beauty Trends, Matsui Hair Introduces New Line of Coloring Services


As the old grey granny hair find its way to the younger generation, Matusi Hair Studio introduces new hair coloring methods to address the shifting trends.

Previously, grey hair has been a sign in women that they are letting themselves go and accepting they have gone past their prime years. The latest hair trend dictates otherwise. It provides are refreshing outlook on women adopting grey hair for other purposes other than accepting age.

Jean Paul Gaultier ushered in the trend introducing the granny glam into the fashion industry. During his Autumn/Winter 2011, models commanded the runway donning on striking grey beehives. The following year, personalities like Kate Moss and Kelly Osbourne sported silver locks. Other celebrities followed by Nicole Richie and Rihanna.

However, just as appealing the hair trend could be, it is also considered one of the hardest colors to achieve. Ensuring that the right tone sets in without damaging the hair requires professional assistance.

Matsui Hair Studio offers a range of hair coloring treatments offering the same color trend to people in Singapore. Services include single tone coloring, duo tone coloring and root color retouch. For more specific clients, the company offers non amonia treatments such as non amonia single tone coloring, non amonia duo tone coloring and non amonia root color retouch.

Achieving the ideal grey coloir can take up to six months. This emphasizes the importance of consulting a professional hairstylist and working out a plan. Matsui Hair Studio offers well trained staffs vetted directly by the director. Depending on the color build-up, clients may have to grow out as much of their existing clolor as possible. One of the best ways to achieve the grey tone is to bleach the hair to almost white before treating it with ash tone.

Matsui Hair understands how important it is to achieve the right shade to look great. Likewise, a good and fitting haircut should accompany the grey tone to complete the overall look. Mastsui offers a range of cut, wash and treatment options as well. These include packages like:

  • cut, wash and blowdry for ladies
  • director cut
  • wash and blowdry
  • wash and style
  • upstyles

Other services include:

  • protein treatment
  • two steps repair treatment
  • scalp treatment
  • deep moisturizing treatment
  • hair and scalp treatment
  • keratin treatment

Matsui Hair Studio has a team of professionals ready for consultation and treatment depending on the client needs. The company also offers texturing services based on the client hair type. Rates may be subject to change depending on services required.

About Matsui Hair Studio:
Matsui Hair Studio is a highly recommended hair salon in Singapore founded by director, Matsui Akiyoshi, who is trained both locally and in Japan to bring the “Tokyo-street” style onto clients in Singapore. The company offers a range of services including ammonia free hair dye, japanese haircut, hair highlights, soft rebonding, perming and other hair treatments. To know more about their services, visit their site at:

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