Grid Synergy is an Awesome Animation Company and here’s why


When you seek for animation in Singapore, you’ll certainly find a lot of options which you can choose from. However it’s not every day when people find the type of talent, thoroughness and variety which Grid Synergy offers – and this is what makes them awesome. With their varied services, a solid work portfolio and passion for creativity, you certainly won’t go wrong when you decide to work with the team.

A constantly growing, creative team

Despite its vast experience in the field of animation, Grid Synergy still takes extra amounts of efforts to search for the best talents and ideas out there. As part of their culture of challenging the status quo, their creative team constantly searches for the best designers, animators, crew members and producers. By getting inspired by the freshest ideas, Grid Synergy will always have the capacity to come up with creative video production pieces.

The awesome, variety of services

Grid Synergy not only offers one or two creative services. The team can actually come up with five categories of video materials. These include educational video production, movies, television shows, corporate video production and web series. Their movies alone have totaled to over $10 million in box office takings. The team’s passion for creativity continues to be boundless, as they keep producing every possible type of animation in Singapore.

The team also fosters e-learning in Singapore, since the digital arena further creates an avenue for students to understand more complex ideas through interactivity. Grid Synergy’s corporate video production service also allows for companies to further relay their messages to employees, so policies may be simply and understandably cascaded. Plus, if you’re also considering web series as part of your website design and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies, Grid Synergy can make this happen.

Solid portfolio of clients

The creative video producing team has worked with some of Singapore’s largest organizations, including SingTel, ST Electronics, Music Television and 3D Networks among others. These types of clients have their own sets of requirements, when it comes to achieving their communication goals. With Grid Synergy’s team of creative, researchers and developers, there’s certainly no other message which cannot be creatively relayed.

Passion to go out-of-the-box

Creatively sticking to the status quo will tend to be monotonous and bland, which is why Grid Synergy always makes sure to challenge their concepts being pushed forth. By coming up with an effective piece of material and telling stories in the most creative way possible, clients will be more assured of how their messages may be understood. Grid Synergy does not mind pushing boundaries and shifting perceptions, especially when the purpose of memorability and awareness among customers is at stake.

About the company:

Grid Synergy is composed of creative designers, animators, producers and industry experts who ensure every company’s message gets understood by their target audience. Their services include educational video production, films, television series, corporate videos and web series. To know more about their services, you may visit their site at:

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