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Grid Synergy is a transmedia studio that offers top quality video production, as well as a variety of digital solutions for all types of situation.

This company has already been reputed for providing top quality digital solutions. Thus they have gained the trust of many companies in Singapore. They have been the company behind some of the animation and production of shows among popular television networks in the country such as SingTel and MTV. They have also worked with clients like ST Electronic, 3D Network, and Wizlearn Technologies.

Grid Synergy has a wide variety of digital solutions to offer to their clients. They are a company known in Singapore for producing great quality animation, as well as graphic design. They also provide web video production services, as well as corporate video production. Grid Synergy specializes in creating corporate videos which are interesting and informative.

This transmedia studio has also been a successful movie production house in Singapore. They have executive produced and directed a lot of movies in Singapore. Grid Synergy has already produced covered different movies, from genres such as comedy, drama and horror. And some of these films even became number one during their opening week. The combined box office takings from their films have surpassed $10 million in Singapore alone. Grid Synergy is dedicated in producing films which are not just interesting and profitable, but are also meaningful.

The company also makes use of their creative genius in educational video production. In fact, they are actually the brilliant mind behind Genio, a breakthrough interactive educational television series for SingTel’s mioTV. Grid Synergy makes sure to strictly follow pedagogical standards in order to create fun and interactive media for educational purposes. They make sure to produce educational videos which will make children find learning a fun and interesting experience.

Lastly, Grid Synergy offers graphics design services in Singapore. You can also count on them when it comes to website design and SEO. They can simply do a lot of things, and never limit themselves when it comes to producing creative works for their clients.

Grid Synergy is a team that consists of people who are creative and passionate about their work. They are a group of gifted individuals who believes that they should push away the boundaries in order to come up with creative and out-of-the-box digital solutions. From graphics design to video production in Singapore, Grid Synergy is the creative company that you can always rely on. It is their forte to give you things which are not just visually impressive; they can also be meaningful as well.

About Grid Synergy
Grid Synergy is one of Singapore’s leading production houses. They consist of creative individuals who believe in innovation and making use of new and fun ideas in order to create interesting visual masterpieces, whether it is for corporate videos or for educational purposes. They provide web video production services as well as graphic design services and SEO.

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