Grid Synergy Succeeds in Movie Production


While it may not appear to be the usual movie production outfit, Grid Synergy is now fast gaining recognition for its achievements in this industry. For the past years, the company is even making a name as one of the top movie production companies in Singapore. Go Ying Sheng, who is in-charge of the movie projects of the company admits that this achievement was at first unthinkable for them.  They thought that this is one line that they may not have enough talents and skills to deal with.  However, after taking on a few projects which turn out to very successful, they have decided to make movie production as one of their key services.

It is the chief executive officer himself, Philip Wu, who is doing hands-on work when it comes to the production of the movies.  To prove that the movies that Grid Synergy has produced are smashing successes, the box office record is the best source.  All the movies that they have done cumulatively has surpassed the $ 10 million benchmark.  In fact, majority of the movies always make it to number 1 during the first week of its showing.  Wu credits this to the kind of movies they make.  He said that they make it a point to make the said movies entertaining and meaningful, which as a result, means profitable.

Grid Synergy’s movie production is not limited to just one or two genres. It is as diverse as the ideas that its own staff can come up with. The reason behind is that the people that the company has employed to come up with brilliant ideas and to put these into reality through movies are very creative.  It is not surprising that the company can produce comedy, drama, romance, and action flicks without much effort.  A growing number of production outfits have in fact expressed interest in being partners with Grid Synergy.

The corporate officers and the creative team of Grid Synergy are very passionate about their jobs.  This can be seen in the quality of the movies that they make.  Despite the fact that its production capabilities may not be as advanced as those in Hollywood, experts in the world of Singaporean cinema admit that the said company is a contender when it comes to producing box office hits. Wu, however, explained that passion is not enough.  They also need to hire and develop people who can be relied on in the production of such hits.

About Grid Synergy

Grid Synergy is one of the leading multimedia companies in Singapore.  Aside from the production of movies, the company also produces instructional videos, design websites, conduct video marketing, and carry search engine optimization .  Considered as a maverick among the country’s movie producers, Grid Synergy is not known for living by the rules or following what it is in the book.  CEO Philip Wu said that this has been a good thing because it allows him and his team to think out of the box very often. For more information about the company visit.

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