Grid Synergy Works with Familiar Brands


Considered as one of Singapore’s leading video production company, Grid Synergy is working with the most familiar names in business. Philip Wu, who is Grid Synergy’s CEO, explains that they did not expect this to happen when they first started operating the company.  After previous successes though, their company has been able to carve a name in the industry.  Many business firms began to take notice of their capabilities, especially in creation corporate video productions for the television and the internet. With initial positive response from different business institutions, Wu and his group of talented and young individuals expect that more big name clients would follow suit.

Among the most renowned of Grid Synergy’s current list of clients is the music channel MTV. Erick Wayne, who is Grid Synergy’s production director, said that they have been successfully the animations and the station ID’s of the music channel, which is very popular among the youth. Aside from MTV, Grid Synergy also serves the marketing needs of SingTel, a telecommunications giant in the country. The company is also involved in the video production for educational companies, working with the likes of Learning Point and Wizlearn Technologies. Most of the videos of the said companies are produced by Grid Synergy.

Wu pointed out that one of the reasons that prompt business companies to seek their services is their method. Grid Synergy staff work closely with their clients.  Before any marketing material is made, in-depth discussions are made between Grid Synergy’s creative crew and the clients own staff. Brainstorming is first done. When an agreed concept is finalized, the production begins. All throughout the production process, the client is also allowed to be present so that they can suggest changes or improvements. The finished product is then shown to the Grid Synergy management and the client’s own top representatives. If approved, the material is then made public.

As Grid Synergy continues to make videos for various companies in Singapore, its renown has reached abroad.  Because of this, it is very likely that it would also get orders from foreign-based businesses. Wu said that they would gladly accept the challenge and also mentioned that processing the requests and going through the production process is not that difficult despite the distance. The internet has allowed them constant interaction with the clients both local and abroad. The videos can also be viewed or submitted through the internet. Wu is also optimistic that their current list of frequent clients would grow in the future.

About Grid Synergy

Grid Synergy describes itself as a transmedia company.  It does not only specialize in one or two platforms but also in the fusion of these different media.  The company is managed and operated by very young and creative professionals who have been known to cater to their clients in the most effective means. Among the services offered by Grid Synergy are the production of educational videos as well as the production of television shows and movies.  The company is also best known for the production of corporate videos.  For more information about Grid Synergy, visit its website

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