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There is no one more reliable when it comes to video production in Singapore other than Grid Synergy. They are a transmedia studio that offers a wide variety of digital solutions for you. From corporate video production and animation to website design and SEO, Grid Synergy is the one you should call.

They are a production house in Singapore who thinks more than outside of the box. They are a company that knows no boundaries, and they are always ready to counter the status quo. They do not want to be stuck in the common methods of animation and video production; they believe in the use of creativity in order to convey a message in the most unique and interesting way possible. Simply put, Grid Synergy is the one you should count on when it comes to creating new and exciting videos and graphics.

Grid Synergy has established a good reputation as one of the best when it comes to different types of video production. They can help you create videos for corporate or even educational purposes. Grid Synergy believes that a corporate video can look interesting and professional at the same time. They make use of their creativity and experience in making corporate videos which are catchy and meaningful at the same time. As for educational videos, Grid Synergy is known for strictly following pedagogical rules so you are assured that they are capable of creating videos that are fun and educational for the children. In fact, they are the minds behind Genio, the interactive educational television series which they have produced for SingTel’s mioTV. Not only that, Grid Synergy is also one of the best movie production companies that you can find. They have produced a number of successful films, most of which became number one during their first week. The movies which they have produced have a sum of more than $10 million in box office takings, and that is just within Singapore. Grid Synergy has covered many genres of film, from comedy and drama to horror. They are truly a company that knows the works when it comes to video production.

Aside from movie production, Grid Synergy also offers web video production services. They can also help you when it comes to website design as well as in SEO. They know how to create websites and content that are unique, catchy, and are surely going to increase your site’s traffic.

Grid Synergy is a company that puts creativity and energy into their works. They are the kind of team that you should partner up with if you are in need of a production house that is engaging and can tell a compelling story, regardless of the media platform.

About Grid Synergy
Grid Synergy is one of Singapore’s leading production houses. They consist of creative individuals who believe in innovation and making use of new and fun ideas in order to create interesting visual masterpieces, whether it is for corporate videos or for educational purposes. They provide web video production services as well as graphic design services and SEO.

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