Grid_Synergy couches education with an interactive medium


Grid_Synergy, a recognized transmedia studio in Singapore, makes use of videos and e-learning as interactive medium in the field of education. The video production is aimed at keeping students interested and hungry for learning as they face such endeavor with fun-filled, innovative, and high-tech approach.  It has been constructed to be an effective platform eliminating the utilization of modern ways to help inculcate knowledge. In line with this, Grid_synergy releases Genio as one of its educational tv series.

“Genio is a breakthrough interactive educational tv series produced by Grid_Synergy for SingTel’s mioTV. “, says the company. Through this, kids can now learn with the aid of technology and visual techniques.

Genio is one of the projects and services offered to the clients and customers. The company has diverse kinds of video contents for various companies and businesses from different industries. The company extends their work ethics not only in line with e-learning but to the other video production as well. “We work closely with our clients and partners to create digital solutions to help them connect to their customers more effectively. By being sensitive to emerging trends, and working in tandem with our partners, we deliver media products that effectively convey your message.”, the team behind the company says.

Applying such vision, the educational videos are turned into something more interactive to provide a significant opportunity to make children especially those tech-savvy kids  engage in improving skills and aim academic excellence. It, thus, imprints the value of education to kids on a different platform.

The company added that from conceptualisation to production, Grid_Synergy ensured that strict pedagogical standards are followed and utilised creative scripting, animation and motion graphics to  create a high-quality and engaging product.

The maximum potential of web visual and video production is one of the vital trait of the company. The utilization of visual arts and technology plus the passion and creativity of the team, the transmedia studio is able to produce different output for diverse purposes including education.

The company is indeed changing the conventional way of imparting knowledge. The use of interactive media and the development make the medium more interesting to the children. It helps children use their multiple senses to understand concepts and improve retention.

The new medium has created a space for interactive learners. There is even no definite venue for such kind of environment. Educational videos can be watched at home or anywhere using a gadget. It thus break the traditional means and offers new learning materials that are flexible with time and environment.  


About the company:

Grid_Synergy is a transmedia Studio. The company deals with multimedia in producing website designs, corporate videos, educational videos and the likes. The company works with its vision – We ignite passion. We push boundaries. We bring creativity, dedication and energy to every project. We challenge the status quo. We shift perceptions. We tell engaging and compelling stories across multiple media platforms. We are Grid_Synergy. To find out more, visit:

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