Grid_Synergy as your production house for movies


Grid_Synergy, a recognized transmedia studio in Singapore, offers movie projects for different genre. From comedy to horror films, the company can serve as a production house for clients who would like to produce films from their own concept ideas. The company uses different techniques and styles to produce an output that appeals to the emotion, humor, and senses of the viewers. The team behind the company visions substantial films to penetrate not only the market of entertainment but also the appreciation for the art of film making itself. They are to invade the passionate business of filming to achieve different goals and objectives.

The company shares its own perspective about the particular project. They say that, “Movie has always been a passion business. But with the right team and the right mix, we can combine passion with profitability. The combined box office takings from our movies have surpassed $10 million in Singapore alone, with several of the movies being named the number one movie during the opening week. We have found a winning strategy and will continue to develop movie projects that are entertaining, meaningful and profitable.” With such outlook, they have produced and directed numerous movies, covering genres from comedy, drama to horror.”

As a movie production team to your business, the company is responsible in dealing with the stages of film making beginning with conceptualization of ideas. From there, they will work with the script for the story. They will discuss everything in detail so nothing is left unheeded and unsettled. They will also serve as crew in every video shoot for the movie project. Budget estimation is part of their job as well.

The team will also work with the post production work where they’ll put together and edit pile of raw videos from the shoot. They will also take care of the musical score of the film and make sure that the audio is given high regard and attention. Furthermore, these functions are all executed with all the creative juices and innovative ideas considered.

Aside from producing movies, Grid_synergy utilizes the digital space with its other video marketing services such as educational video production or e-learning projects, corporate videos, television series, and the likes. They showcase their skills and expertise in the field to help different companies create their own high quality videos for their website and as part of their marketing campaign. The company has indeed maximized the medium to reach the audience in the most interactive and innovative way possible.


About the company:

Grid_Synergy is a transmedia Studio in Singapore. The company deals with multimedia in producing website designs, corporate videos, educational videos and the likes. The company works with its vision – We ignite passion. We push boundaries. We bring creativity, dedication and energy to every project. We challenge the status quo. We shift perceptions. We tell engaging and compelling stories across multiple media platforms. We are Grid_Synergy. To find out more, visit:

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