Grid_Synergy Steps up Corporate Publicity Game through Video Marketing


Grid Synergy is a video production house in SingaporeThe one thing many new companies find difficulty in doing is to make their brand known to the public. Reaching out effectively to their targeted audience most of the time determines how well a company manages to generate enough revenue to sustain themselves. In order to generate enough traffic, a company has to first successfully publicise themselves and what they have to offer to the public. One of the effective ways to do that is through video marketing, since it can not only showcase what a company can do in a creative way, but easily reach out to many people at the same time.

Grid_Synergy, a creative production house in Singapore, offers their services that enable corporate companies to boost their target audience engagement through video marketing.

Video marketing is an uprising trend in the marketing sector where it survives mainly in the social media. As users are able to instantly view, share, and comment, it not only connects corporates with their new clients, they are also able to maintain interaction between the companies and their target audience. Therefore, the videos produced must be impressive, concise, and also short to suit the taste of these fast-paced audience groups.

Grid_Synergy aims to revolutionize the reputation of corporate videos as the impression on corporate videos has always been summarized into three words – dull, boring and dry. They enhance corporate communication by presenting them in videos using creative and out of the box ideas.

Grid_Synergy’s services allow a company to reach out to their audience in the simplest way possible as visual content is the most outstanding way of information presentation in this current Internet sea of information overload. Not only does this creates and impact, it is more likely to get views compared to texts such as blogs or articles.

A corporate video is deemed successful when the producer is able to string the multiple elements that make up a business such as the corporate’s visions, products and services, current updates, and their professionals into a video presentation under two minutes. Grid_Synergy’s pool of creative professionals are able to deliver their work to cater to the wants and needs of a wide spectrum of target market.

Grid_Synergy’s production pipeline is made up of high end post-production hardware and software. Their resources allow them to seamlessly integrate footages, create high quality voice overs, and insert relevant information using interactive infographics to enhance viewers’ visualisation.

Pairing up with their experience in movie making, Grid_Synergy knows the winning strategies in capturing the audiences’ attention, making them one of the outstanding creative production hubs of Singapore. Dedicated to bring any ideas to life, Grid_Synergy offers services in producing videos that are economically relevant, educational, and in sync with the societal and cultural needs of the Singaporean audience.

About the company:

Grid_Synergy is the animation, graphic design and production house made up of a creative team that provides video creating and website designing services across multimedia and web platforms. The company aims to provide clients with a unique and compelling story to tell customers by pushing boundaries. For more information, visit

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